Sunday, April 30, 2023

Arbor Day Celebrates and Honors Trees: Here's How to Love Our Trees Every Day


How did you celebrate Arbor Day?  

Did you enjoy a special conversation with your favorite trees? Did you discover new tree friends?

While we may have long talked to our trees, honored them in our literature, poems, music; it hasn’t been that long since we confirmed that trees possess a secret leanguage all their own.

Trees communicate with each other, store memories and respond to attacks. They have a profoundly positive effect on our emotions … but can we know how they feel about us?

Wednesday, April 26, 2023

Art of Entertaining: Table Decor Trends & Forecasts from the Tabletop Show That I’m Obsessing Over


What’s in style for the latest in tablescape design for home entertaining? 

I attended the New York Tabletop Show last week to catch all the latest products and frankly, to be inspired by the remarkable makers and brands as presented by The Tabletop Association.

I love this show.  I can browse and take in the glamorous tablescapes from more than 120 vendors who have their showrooms at 41 Madison Avenue.  Walking up, I stopped to take in the unique table designs at ABC Carpet.  An aperitif if you will.

Here’s what delighted me:

Thursday, April 20, 2023

How Do You Celebrate Earth Day? Sustainable Tips & Glamorous Garden Flowers

Truth be told, every day is Earth Day in my world.  How can it not be so?  

I believe that spring gives us that rare opportunity to look at the world with a new vision. We look at our world as if we hadn’t noticed all this humming, blooming life around us. 

Nevertheless, one of the special hallmarks this year was setting out our new Vegepod. We eagerly anticipate that this mini-greenhouse/raised bed will be an exciting element in growing our edibles.

The other good/bad was the leap into summer weather that gave us a head start on spring chores.

Here’s how it all unfolded in time for Earth Week.

Monday, April 10, 2023

How To Create A Convivial Easter Table Design Inspired by Nature & The Glamour of Spring


Any holiday marked by copious amounts of chocolate is tops in my happy world.

What was your Easter tablescape story?  Did you share a sweet, candy-laden display or a  rabbit nest with bonny does and her cuddly kits? And what about the colored eggs that look like jewels?

The joy of designing artful tablescapes is to tell a story that celebrates an occasion and the season.  Not unlike good garden art that is an exciting, changeable story, so too should your table designs embrace the transformative magic of art and nature. 

Spring and new beginnings is one of my most favorite holiday times of the year. 

To celebrate this special ephemeral extravaganza, I created a home entertaining table design; imagining fanciful layers using vintage accessories, pieces from my travels, family treasures and fairy magic… 

Here’s how.

Tuesday, April 4, 2023

How To Dye Eggs Naturally Plus The Best Deviled Egg Recipe

Happy Spring. Celebrating the season of rebirth and new life with eggs is an ancient custom.

See, eggs were a forbidden food during Lent for Christians; so folks painted and decorated these symbols of renewed existence to mark the end of penance and fasting. 

Today, even the Fabergė jeweled creations commissioned by Russian czars and czarinas might be spring, pea-green with envy at today’s Easter Eggs, Egg Hunts, and Egg Decor.