Thursday, October 15, 2015

Seibert & Rice Premiere New Planter Line Collaboration with Oehme, van Sweden Today at National Building Museum in Washington, DC

OvS Organics from Seibert &; Rice premieres today, photo courtesy of Seibert & Rice 

Seibert & Rice, the leading importer of Fine Italian Terra Cotta from Impruneta, is proud to announce its collaboration with the internationally renowned landscape architecture firm, Oehme, van Sweden & Associates, Inc. (OvS) recipient of the 2014 Landscape Architecture Firm Award of the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA)

OvS has designed a line of historically-inspired terra cotta vessels for Seibert & Rice’s American Collection. The line is called OvS Organics.

OvS Organics will make its debut at the National Building Museum in Washington, DC today, October 15, 2015, where the pots will be included in the exhibition, The New American Garden: The Landscape Architecture of Oehme, van Sweden, which runs through April 2016. The exhibition is organized by The Cultural Landscape Foundation

Photo courtesy of the Cultural Landscape Foundation

Seibert & Rice noted, "The product line adds drama to the garden, while reinforcing the time-honored craftsmanship of Italian pottery. Buyers can chose from a set of three pots of varying sizes, equally dramatic whether used individually or coupled in the classic OvS grouping of three."

According to Eric Groft, one of the principals of Oehme, van Sweden, “Inspiration for these vessels was drawn from the beauty and vitality of nature as represented classically through the ages, but infused with a modern and fresh look, indicative of OvS’ garden style made famous by the founders Wolfgang Oehme and Jim van Sweden.” Imagery of the calla lily, the cardoon thistle and the hellebore or Lenten rose enliven these boutique garden accessories. Garden Glamour reported on Groft's landscape lecture at NYBG last year:

Oehme van Sweden design, photo courtesy of OvS

The vessels were fashioned by the artisans of the small, Tuscan town of Impruneta outside of Florence, Italy. In an effort to preserve the ‘hand-of-man’ quality of terra-cotta pottery, the artisans used the ancient coil and slab methods of pot construction. The thickness of the terra-cotta and the skilled workmanship is evident in each shape.

The OvS Organics collection includes the Calla, which measures 35” H x 33 W, $2,050; the Hellebore, 12” H x 32” W, $980; and the Cardoon Thistle, 19” H x 31” W, $1,700. They are available from Seibert & Rice, P.O. Box 365, Short Hills, NJ 07078, (973) 467-8266,


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photo courtesy of Design Rulz

OvS Organics, photo courtesy of Seiebert & Rice