Saturday, January 29, 2022

My 2021 Reading Journey ~ Books I Love and Recommend


Snow Storms and Books Go Together Like Patience and Fortitude.

It’s a whopper of a blizzard here ~ we’re getting pummeled by snow and wind. 

Therefore I figured it’s a good time to share what I think is an exciting list of books for you to consider reading. 

Despite being blessed with an oversubscribed schedule, I found more time for books last year. I say it this way ~ being blessed with work ~ because especially in a time of the pandemic, I do indeed feel gratitude for being able to do work that I love and that brings value to others. 

That’s a luxury. So is reading. 

As a writer, I often bemoan that I’m too busy working to read as much as I want. Only on vacation was I truly able to feed my insatiable appetite for books: to scarf up, devour books. 

But during the last year, I found or carved out a “sweet spot” combination of audio books I listen to on my daily “Wellness Walks,” hardcover, and Kindle editions. 

Last year, I became intoxicated with books. 

What to read, you ask? 

Thursday, January 20, 2022

A Birthday 'Look Book' Celebrates Life's Mix of High Points and Sad Lows With Love and Hope


I just celebrated another wonderful birthday. Lucky me! And marking a birth day so close to the start of the new calendar year offers the chance to both look back and plan ahead in a tidy way. I’ve had a mix of lovely high points and some sad lows with an unexpected loss that has left me unmoored… Yet, I remain grateful and genetically happy.  Efficiency being a kind of attribute of my zodiac sign, I can happily check off a few boxes at the same time. 

While I’m preternaturally superstitious, it’s also true that I cling to the idea ~ or I daresay promise ~ of astrology. Who doesn’t look to celestial bodies and the stars to help plan their lives?  A “Look Book” portfolio beckoned…

Saturday, January 8, 2022

Embracing The Winter Garden: Tips to Appreciate A Winter Landscape & Cultivate The Seasonal Magic

It was the first snowstorm of the winter season in our area this week.  This snow shower was a Goldilocks gift: meaning it was “just right.” The snow is so pretty; dissipated mid-day and the sun even came out, making the icicles’ prismatic shapes and snow crystals glisten like exotic jewels.

At dusk I was working  in my home-office loft writing and looking out at the clear, twinkling, movie-set New York skyline just beyond, and sensing something,