Monday, July 31, 2023

Barbie Cotton-Candy "Pink Cloud" Cocktail Recipe Makes Happy Hour Pretty-in-Pink Delicious Fun!


Barbie is a dream girl ~ potent and pretty.  And inspiring…

Having left the cinema featuring Barbie the Movie determined to design a Barbie Dream Garden, (see previous Post), I also wanted to honor her with her very own signature Barbie Cocktail.

I knew the drink would have to be equally pretty-in-pink, glamorous, and delicious.

Here’s my fun, cotton-candy, cocktail confection. Plus + Bonus Drink recipe.

Saturday, July 29, 2023

A Barbie Dream Garden Fantasy with Pink Plant List! ~ "Ideas Live Forever:"

Pinke Erlebniswelt: So verr├╝ckt ist das neue Barbie-Haus in Berlin | Express

It’s been said that it’s a Barbie World and we’re all just living in it! 

The Barbie movie is a dreamy comedy, candy-coated with a potent message. The frothy, fun, escape is a fantasy that we all can deservedly indulge in.  And while Ruth Handler, Barbie’s inventor, says that Barbie doesn’t have an ending, I couldn’t help but feel as I left the cinema that the one thing missing from the perfect world of Barbie Land is a garden.  Barbie needs a Dream Garden.  And then she’ll really know what it feels like not to have an ending!  A gardener’s work never, ever has a finish… So as an homage to our plucky, smart, compassionate heroine, I set out to design a Barbie Dream Garden for her and the other Barbies.

Wednesday, July 26, 2023

A Woman in the Kitchen? The Legacy of a Southern Culinary Legend Continues to Inspire & Teach Us


A Culinary Legend is an accolade bestowed on those who revolutionize our eating style. To have done so in an era when social and media didn’t go together like peanut butter and jelly, it’s all more remarkable Edna Lewis earned enduring consideration as the “First Lady of Southern Cooking;” recognized as one of the most important and influential American chefs.

She also merited an “answer” on Jeopardy, and a US Postal Stamp!

Here’s her story and the family legacy as told by her niece, Nina Williams-Mbengue, the manuscript’s typist for Lewis’ cookbook, ‘A Taste of Country Cooking.”

Monday, July 17, 2023

How to Style A Patriotic Table For Summer Entertaining at Home

It’s fun to design a summer tablescape that can take you from Memorial Day, to Independence Day, through to Labor Day.  Summer skims by all too quickly so having a table setting that you can use all season.

Here’s some decorating ideas that I hope will inspire you to use your red, white and blues in new and glamorous ways ~ to rather set it and forget it ~ till you’re ready for autumn.  

Wednesday, July 12, 2023

The Fun, Festive Ways We Celebrated The Best Patriotic Independence Day Party with Family & Friends

It did feel a bit like double-dipping.

As if I’d implored, “Make mine a double.” Double Birthdays, that is.

On July 7th, we celebrated not only Mother’s 98th Birthday!!

But it was also when the town marked Independence Day with their spectacular fireworks. So we saluted both with one sensational party.

Here’s how Bill and I worked to create a patriotic party that mixed the old-fashioned “America the Beautiful” with Mother’s extraordinary birthday.