Friday, March 24, 2023

How to Orchestrate An "Eargasm" Tablescape ~ An Entertaining Ode to Music Table Design


Beethoven said that “Music is like a dream.”

Who am I to disagree with Ludwig! In fact, I believe that it can be argued that music moves us, speaks to us with intimacy, ignites our passions more than other art forms…

It permeates and infuses other, artful pursuits.

Not surprisingly then, Music did inspire my latest, creative tablescape design.

A few things led me to orchestrate a music themed table design.

We are so honored to welcome Andrea Clearfield as my next Ladies Who Lunch Conversations special guest.

Andrea, as many of you music lovers might know, is an award-winning musician, much-in-demand composer, pianist 🎹 as well as Founder and Curator of the ZSALON.

Our videocast Conversation is Friday afternoon, March 24th at my Ladies Who Lunch Conversations at Facebook. You can view it anytime after it’s posted.

To honor Andrea and her music career and achievements, I was excited to dive into some research about music in March and discovered that “March is Music in Our Schools Month.”


Soon, images of beautiful musical iconography were tapping my brain.

I created this tablescape that is “humming” with musical style.

Everyone loves music and this table design is a wonderful way to artfully welcome and celebrate your cherished guests. You can create a party based on your favorite musical genre ~ rock, jazz, classical, Hip-Hop or...

You can feature a favored solo artist, too.

While composing this post, I remembered that some years ago, while dining in Harlem with my artful friend, Bek I was captivated by these Billie Holiday and Michael Jackson plates at the restaurant.

So you see, if you’re so inclined, you too could feature a favorite, artist this way.

Whatever way you choose, your creativity can play host to an entertaining gathering of friends and family.

Here, allow me to describe some of the music tablescape's elements.

First off, there is the "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" sheet music that my talented brother, James Popik hand rendered!

Bill and I had it framed appropriately ~ with a piano key matting. I love it.
Seen here over the piano with my nephew and his prodigy daughter!

It hangs in a place of honor over our piano and in-between the Annie Leibovitz photographs of the Allman Brothers and Keith Richards. Classic…

This music art is so special.

The good news here is that you too can own a piece of personalized music art. You can commission James ~ my Grammy-nominated brother ~ to do your favorite song: wedding, lullaby, school song or... You can order here from his Etsy: Music of Note

Also featured on the table: I used some old sheet music from my piano lesson days as placemats;

The table runner is “dancing” with music notes, as are the string lights that light up the table decor at night.

I accessorized with musical charms and guitar picks! They are so pretty with their rainbow-like shimmer.

My classic music boxes are stars!

The "floral" pieces are faux sporting music notes. 🎼

I purchased some harmonicas and the pièce de resistance ~ two authentic mini guitars! Complete with stands.

The table decor's three-piece color orchestration is classic black, gray, white ~ amplifying a piano's keys. Or guitar!

There's lots of glitter, and of course, gold stars. Because you and your guests are the stars of this show :)

I used our wedding Royal Dalton wedding china and our crystal. Timeless. Classic.
I doubled the napkins and used the matching Royal Dalton napkin rings.
I used the Welcome pineapple place cards and got a wee bit artful with the names, drawing some musical notes there.

Name cards add a “note” of extra charm and hospitality to your table setting. (Sorry, couldn’t resist the “note” link here!).

It “amps up” the celebration ^:^ (can’t stop!) And tells your guests how much you care about them and your memory-making gathering.

Plus, you are the “conductor” ~ “orchestrating” ^:^ the dynamics of the dining entertainment when you plan the seating.

It was so fun and educational to build this layered music story.

Here’s a video tour of the table design:

We are very much looking forward to welcoming Andrea to my Musical table and hosting her to learn about her musical journey ~ her musical training, her career path and her world-class ZSALON.

If you don't know about it, listen to our Ladies Who Lunch Conversations.

Plus, you can RSVP for Andrea's next ZSALON, March 26th at 7:30 pm ET. I'll be Zooming in for sure.



I salute Music in our Schools Month & music teachers & students.  We need this art in our schools; in our communities; in our lives...

Please enjoy this musical tablescape design. 

And I'll see you on my Facebook videocast: Ladies Who Lunch Conversations. Please be sure to Follow and be inspired by Andrea and all the incredibly talented women showcased there.

“Music gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and life to everything,” Plato.

“Music inspires a dreamy tablescape that will create a moody and stylish tablescape, sure to entertain you and your guests as you gather to celebrate,” Leeann/Garden Glamour!




  1. That table is beautiful. Love all the charm and thoughtful momentums you put out. Bright and happy looking.

    1. Thank you so much for your thoughtful feedback and input. This tablescape really did touch my heart. Music sparks our creativity. Me especially. Even now, writing, I'm luxuriating in French jazz ... I had fun curating a table style that would honor the power of music to inspire us all. I love the details too! Glad the made you smile.