Wednesday, March 15, 2023

Ein Tost! A Glittery Salute to All Quiet on the Western Front Featuring a Glamorous, Gold Cocktail Recipe


Ok. Ok. My bad.  In my last post about the glamorous Oscar~inspired Best Picture cocktails, I didn’t include All Quiet on the Western Front ~ the international film that won many awards, including the Oscar for Best International Feature.  It is a breathtaking movie.  

So I thought I’d correct my omission and share my German inspired, glittery, glamorous cocktail and food companion with you here.

Maybe you’ll be watching All Quiet on the Western Front for the first time or maybe you’ll revisit the film. It’s that good. 

Either way, here is a delicious cocktail that will sparkle your cinema-soiree more than the gold statue the stars took home…

A favorite of mine from my Art of the Garnish book, this special drink features Goldschlager, the spirit with lots of gold flakes that shimmer in the glass. 



  • 2 jiggers Goldschlager - German Cinnamon Schnapps Liqueur 

  • 3-4 jiggers cold Ginger Beer - homemade or hand-crafted artisanal, such as Reed’s: sparkling, filtered water sweetened by a blend of cane sugar, pineapple juice, honey, fresh ginger root, lemon & lime juices and spices.  

The cinnamon of the schnapps harmonizes with the spices in the ginger beer.

  • 2-3 dashes Cherry Bitters - Fee Brothers


Put ice cubes in goblet 

Mix all ingredients in cocktail shaker

Remove ice from the goblet.  Pour strained cocktail into iced goblet glass.  

Garnish with crystallized candy ginger.  

This highlights the ginger beer/ginger root ingredients

You can also garnish with a (real) maraschino cherry or orange rind studded with cloves; clipped onto the glass with gold jewelry pins or a tie tack! 

Alternatively, if you don’t want to use a goblet, you can also pour the cocktail into Old-Fashioned glasses over ice and garnish. 


Posh Pretzels & Piglets 

Serve the Heart of Gold cocktail with classic cocktail party favorites: German inspired pigs-in-a-blanket, artisanal pretzels and hearty mustard. 

Entertaining Tips

Add glamour to the common beer & pretzel or beer and hot dog. Play off the heart of gold ~ use mirrors under the goblet glasses to amplify the gold flakes floating in the Goldschlager; create heart-shaped glitter accents. 

Sprinkle glitter gold on mirror plates for more glittery shine; use gold baskets as serving vessels. 

Use linen napkins with gold embroidered detail to add a golden touch.

Raise a glass ~ Beifall or Prost or Ein Toast.  Any way you cheers in German, it will be glamorous with Heart of Gold.


  1. Not sure I would like that cocktail but worth a try. Thanks.

    1. Really? The cocktail is rather refreshing, with the cinnamon giving it a nice flavor boost. You might find you like it. It sure is pretty too. We've featured this cocktail at events and it was a big hit with all. Thank you so much for your honest feedback. I very much appreciate it. Cheers!