Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year's Eve Winner!

I’m a Winner!

I am not what one would consider a lucky person in the true sense.  My husband does say I have two kinds of luck: No – and Bad ^:^

And I never won anything in my life except for the atlas I got at a card party my mother and I attended some years ago. She wanted to buy more raffle tickets and I declined. The people after us got the TV…  I have a Las Vegas Black Jack story of losing some unfortunate flirty man’s money and I never understood how to play the lottery. I like the racetrack but more for the beauty of the horses and the fashionable couples in the clubhouse.  Well, you understand my lack of ever securing any loot, so to speak.

Imagine then, my delighted surprise to get a voice mail from Thomas Hauser on my Duchess Designs office line telling me that I was the winner of his design shop Synthesis’ holiday drawing.  Wowsy!   I was thrilled.  I called Thomas back and thanked him, and said I had been waiting for the snow plow to come for our street, but as it was getting late and I had to pick up the ingredients for our New Year’s Eve dinner from the Lusty Lobster in the Highlands, I’d stop by after that and accept my good fortune.  Thomas said to phone his mobile as he was working at the Blue Bay Inn - they sponsored a gala of sorts and were in full preparation mode.

So after picking up the oysters, littleneck clams, lobsters and shrimp, I drove back to Atlantic Highlands with excitement.  Winning something is a singular experience.  Especially for me!  But it’s almost like you’re getting away with something – you didn’t work for it – and yet, here you are about to “get something – for nothing!” 
Great Expectations indeed for the New Year, right?!  I have to believe it’s good karma J

So here is Thomas’ design store in Atlantic Highlands.  Very unique offerings for the home or personal style statement.  I bought my husband a Frank Lloyd Wright money clip and business card holder as part of his (vast!) Christmas gifts offerings this year.

so pretty

In a flash, Thomas appeared like the gift sprite that he is to me.  Kiss, Kiss. And he was soon wrapping up the sexy, swirly, Murano glass bowl that was soon to be MINE!

Look how gorgeous this Murano  bowl is. And I do not think it is a coincidence that the wine red matches this year's floral design and table setting so perfectly

See how it kind of has that candy cane loop?

But it also has a very elegant utility too – we used it for our lobster shells ^:^

Thank you so much, Thomas!  And thanks to my wonderful garden design client, Maria Steinberg, for introducing me to Synthesis and to her wonderful friend Dida from Blue Bay Inn. 
I will write more about Maria and her wonderful style and white gardens in other postings… But for now, what did they sing in “Sound of Music” when describing Maria?  (How do you hold a moonbeam in your hand? J  That’s OUR Maria too…

Maria took me to Synthesis after our traditional Holiday lunch last year.  I bought a bunch of things – for me…. Well, I was finished my Christmas shopping – I always buy during the year so I can just enjoy the holidays with family, food, and fun!

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