Sunday, June 9, 2013

A Garden Photo Diary of The Garden State's Keyport GardenWalk

Mother Nature returned the favor to Keyport.
She kissed the town's second annual GardenWalk with glorious weather.

It was perfect for strolling the gardens with a small group of garden lovers from my yoga practice.

We also saw first-hand, the restorative power of gardens.
Keyport was hit hard by superstorm Sandy but that didn't dampen the spirit of these hometown gardeners.
Gardening is a humbling experience in its own right, after all.

These citizens and garden artists rolled up their shovels, planted their vegetable gardens and are taking the growing season one day glorious day at a time.

Enjoy the beauty of some of the gardens here...

Community Edible Garden
Edible Garden's oval beds
Edibles Gardens are so pretty
Water Garden tickle the senses:

Rain Garden

Videos of water features on the GardenWalk shows how sensual water in the garden can be -- from fountains to waterfalls and koi ponds...

And Fairy Gardens were discovered!

Creative Container Gardens
Hand Painted Container

Art Abounds:



  1. Replies
    1. Thank you so much, Creative Gardening :) I very much appreciate your compliment and point of view. Hope you will sign on and continue to follow me here at Garden Glamour. Tell us about Creative Gardening.... Happy gardening.

  2. and Readers - just click where you see the grey arrows - the videos are there! you can see and hear the lovely fountains as seen on the GardenWalk. so lovely to hear the water gurgling and trickling...

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  5. This is really nice blog , you have share beautiful garden photographs . Garden looks so nice , gorgeous design ..
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    1. Thank you for your kind words, Aaron. Gardens offer an unsurpassed visual opportunity :) So much beauty...

  6. Leeann, great photos! I love water gardens, or gardens that include water elements. How much do you prune/trim your garden plants? I fear that I overprune sometimes; I end up needing to use pruning sharpeners quite a bit. Not sure if it my tools or my zealousness haha. Love the post, thanks again!


    1. Thank you, James. My apologies for the pause to reply ^:^ - crazy busy garden season & more. I share your love of water gardens - & have one myself. Water is a very sensual component of the garden - the sound, the look (reflecting the sky, for example), the fish… In terms of plant or Hort pruning, the rule of thumb is after the plant, tree, hedge -- has bloomed. Then bring it down to where you want - before it sets bud. Hope that helps. Keep Gardening - and keep reading Garden Glamour.