Tuesday, March 26, 2013

BloemBox Premieres Hort Fashion Spring Line: Fresh, Flirty Poppies Gift Collection

Readers and fans of Garden Glamour know I adore BloemBox and its artful creations.
The romance and whimsy of horticulture couldn’t be more squeal inducing than in this line of gift-boxed seeds or bulbs that shape-shift as fashion.
In fact, there should be a Botanical Green Carpet! 

Every year brings a newly-designed BloemBox (Dutch for “flower”) collection: from Specialty Wildflower Gardens to Habitat Gardens with bumble bees or butterfly to Mini Hangings to Veggie & Herb Gardens. 
The original creations are confections to give or collect.
Or use as the perfect Spring Holiday tablescape fantasy and gift swag.  

Your dining table will transform to a shimmering garden with eye-popping color – think Pink, Blue, Yellow, Tangerine, and Green: The Color of the Year, don’t forget. 

All BloemBox designs are adorned or accessorized with floral and vegetable garnish or sweet-as-Disney pollinators including hummingbirds, bumble bees, and birds.

An instant conversation starter is to name all the flowers. 
You decide whether to require the flower’s common name or the botanical nomenclature. Ha. 
Choose from this season’s Poppies, or Dogtooth Daisy, Delphinium, French Marigold Cornflower, Maltese Cross, Zinnia’s, Wildflowers, scarlet sage, lemon mint, and edibles such as red and green French lettuce, royal purple Italian Heirloom eggplant or Nantes carrot and herb creations to create a dazzling, irresistible bouquet.

Leave it to a woman to Lean In in just the right – make that, green- way. 
Take that, Facebook COO, Sheryl Sandberg. 

Wrapped around the BloemBox collections is a woman’s entrepreneurial success story.

In the happy world of BloemBox - founder, product designer and botanist (love that!) Laura Quatrochi, is a visionary and hard working plant lover who cultivated her horticulture roots as a scientist and her creative charm, to produce a collection of glamorous, too-cute seeds or bulbs, discretely sheathed in the chic tissue paper slip, er, biodegradable ribbon sleeve, tucked inside the BloemBox signature lime-green, petite, glossy, hatbox that looks for all the world like it is channeling Lily Pulitzer and those hot Palm Beach colors.

This year, Quatrochi is channeling Mother Nature herself and has introduced the Poppy Collection in homage to the company’s signature flower, the Shirley Poppy, Papaver rhoeas.  

Garden Love
What better romantic suitor is there? BloemBox arrives with flowers, poems, seed “jewels” and love….  How glamorous!

BloemBox is the perfect Hostess Gift, too.

All BloemBox designs come gift wrapped with the corresponding silk flower or vegetable perched atop the preppy green box, 5’ of plantable tissue paper seed sleeve, tied up with a fetching ribbon, care instructions (a gardener can’t be too meticulous), a gift tag and a poetic reference to the flower.

Did I mention that Oprah and Paula Deen are among the celebrity BloemBox fans, having showcased the garden jewels to attract “happiness”?

I double-dare you and your guests not to smile when the look is a glamorous, layered arrangement of color, texture, and blooms - ready to go from BloemBox.
No floral arrangement or gardening resume required...

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  1. I wanted to add Laura Quatrochi, BloemBox designer pointed out that the spring Poppy Collection was inspired by their customers who love poppies. "So it was time to merge three poppies from two of our BloemBox assortments (Originals and Perennials) and add three new poppies to make a Poppy Assortment! How much do you love that?!