Thursday, April 1, 2010

Spring Fever

Spring Fever

Now it starts to get really good. 

It wasn’t that long ago that the spring catalogs arrived -- not Saks, silly -- rather the seed and garden catalogs with their seductive photo spreads and promises of color and style.

Up next in the spring fashion show were the newly arrived spring seed packets.  So classic and artistic looking:

 Got the soil test kit from Rutgers at the Garden State Flower Show.

First we sowed the spring peas – right after St. Patrick’s Day, followed by the arugula seeds.

Indoors: started the Beefsteak & Heirloom tomatoes, along with the Thai peppers and basil and chile peppers, including Thai and Pequin.

Back outside, the shallots – Picasso Dutch and Yellow Moon Dutch bulbs were planted. 
For the second year, we ordered the shallots and potatoes from The Maine Potato Lady in Guilford ME.  (

The potatoes arrived via UPS and are “backstage” in the garage, acclimating, getting ready for their red carpet moment.

We ordered the superstars Kennebec (sold out), Chieftain and Cortland. 

In the meantime, tools were sharpened and prepped.

Ornamental grasses were cut.

The Back Forty Edible Garden was prepped

Laid in manure, peat and lots and lots of homemade Compost! We composted all winter. No problem.

And today is pure, unadulterated joy!  The warm sunshine and clear sky is “The promise of spring. “

Off to the nurseries to see those happy blooms nodding, “pick me, pick me.”
Those little “show offs” will dazzle the spring container compositions I’ll design today.


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