Sunday, April 29, 2018

Toast to a Finishing Touches Interview with The Modern Bar Cart Podcast

Earlier this month I opened an email with the subject line: Podcast Interview Opportunity. Generally speaking, I do love podcasts and was curious what this could invitation was all about. Well, I’m delighted to share with you I discovered The Modern Bar Cart Podcast via the note from Sami (Samantha) a production assistant at The Modern Bar Cart.

She noted that Eric, the host, has taken an interest in your upcoming book, Finishing Touches, the Art of Garnishing the Cocktail and he would like to speak with you “for an hour of sparkling conversation and genuine curiosity. An interview with you about your book would be the ‘cherry on top’ of a discussion about garnishes”
Sami had me at sparkling conversation and genuine curiosity!
Nevertheless, I had to vet the production. I listened with keen interest - after all, cocktail culture is a passion with me - and I was duly impressed. I wrote back that Eric not only possesses a resonant voice that is easy and compelling to listen to but he is also impressively knowledgeable.
I admire and respect that quality of content and so we confirmed the interview.

Truth be told, the first interview attempt went off the rails due to technology glitch on my end via Skype and passwords and time-stressed frustration. Eric remained calm and courteous - a consummate professional.
We rescheduled for Monday. A hiccup with the Skype tech again didn’t prevent Eric from prevailing and we completed the hour-long cocktail chat. It was fun and provoking. When he asked, “Are you ready for the lightning round?” I gulped a “I hope so reply.” 

After some thoughtful edits, the Art of the Garnish episode is posted for your listening pleasure.

Please make yourself a drink and listen in on my interview about Finishing Touches - including the variety and back story to garnishes, garden-to-glass cocktail creations, accessories from glamorous swizzle sticks to sassy toothpicks to cocktail napkins and knives and muddlers and jewelry as cocktail picks (Yes!) And also how I came to create the food pairings, and creative tablescape or I should say, bar cart decor for the presentations by looking to the ingredients as inspiration...

And now that you know about The Modern Bar Cart Podcasts, you can listen to Eric’s previous interviews and learn more about experimenting with cocktails and home bartending. It’s all very inspiring. Eric says you can listen online (see link to my feature above) or on all major podcasting outlets including, iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play, Spotify.

Plus, you can Follow The Modern Bar Cart on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Me too, please. :)

Thank you again, Eric and Sami and Modern Bar Cart. It was an honor and a pleasure to work with you.

P.S. Eric and Modern Bar Cart make their own line of crafted cocktail bitters. I am eagerly awaiting a sample and look forward to posting my review of what I’m sure will be a superlative cocktail ingredient. I adore the botanical ingredients in bitters - the herbs, bark, roots or fruit are endlessly fascinating and have the power to transform a drink. A kind of botanical magic potion!

Cracker Jack garnish (plus a prize!) in my I'm Nutty For You cocktail pairs with the Averna (herbal, caramel, Black Walnut Bitters, plus

English Rose cocktail, edible rose petal garnish

Pisco Royale - made with my favorite Macchu Pisco brandy - from my friends' Melanie & Lizzie & their abuela's family recipe!

Heart of Gold Cocktail - jewelry holds candied ginger garnish

And my twist or remix on the classic Grasshopper is the Verdant Green Jangala.
The garnish is teeny, tiny key lime, cut like a basket with mango in the lime -- and perched on the glass rim.
The showstopper is the Cocktail Composition tablescape.
I used smart technology tuned to nature videos.  The jungle sounds of birds singing and cascading waterfalls, and jungle cats really helps set the mood.
Delight and engage your guests with an immersive, transporting experience...

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