Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Gardens in the Cinema and Garden Conservancy's Open Days 2010 Program Announced

The Garden Conservancy just sent their email announcing this year’s line-up and schedule for their always exciting, groundbreaking (^:^) Open Days program.  What’s better than being able to sneak a peek and tour beautiful gardens? 
(In Charleston, gardens are open all year for visits.  If the garden gate is open, visitors are welcome!)  For the rest of us, we look forward to the Garden Conservancy’s Open Days program:

Join us for another season of exploring gardens!  
Ten years ago, author Michael Pollan predicted that the Garden Conservancy's Open Days program "could do more for horticultural cross-fertilization than anything to hit the American garden since...the bumblebee."
We are still at it! Today, Open Days continues to offer thousands of people across the country the opportunity to exchange gardening ideas and to explore and enjoy magnificent private gardens from coast to coast.

Gardens in the Cinema

And speaking of great gardens, I sent out a query this morning – right after the Oscar nominations were announced – to learn what are favorite gardens in a movie.  Some interesting responses so far are “The Hours,” “Enchanted April,” “Room with a View.”  I like “An Affair to Remember’s” wonderful Mediterranean gardens, “Avatar,” and “Suddenly Last Summer,” to name a few. 


Bonvaneture Cemetery featured in the Clint Eastwood film,
“Midnight in the Garden of Good & Evil.”
Photo Credit:  Mike LaPalme

What are your favorite movie gardens?

The great gardens in movies can be make for an inspiring evening. Why not plan out a movie schedule leading up to the Oscars?  (and take you into spring!)