Wednesday, September 19, 2018

The ABC’s of Designing a Captivating Back-to-School Tablescape

Artful Back to School, Seasonal Harvest Tablescape 
While it was time for students to trade in their summer swimsuits to return to school, it was also time for me to change out the red, white, and blue patriotic-themed tablescape design that was in residence.

The summer’s look was fueled by Independence Day and the Fireworks and Mother’s Birthday party. The design proved to be very enduring; with a few minor updates and edits the look took us straight through Labor Day.

I was sorry to see it go.

But as the ornamental grasses were sending out their inflorescence, the summer style was looking jarringly out of sync… Out of style... It was time...

Part of my rationale was I had so many other garden and writing priorities - but I was clearly pushing the limit. Even my yogi master told us today,”It is a time for change. And be mindful of the change,” he admonished. I will be mindful, I promised myself.

Upon reflection, I knew I wasn’t yet ready for Halloween. So what was the inspiration to be for an end of summer/September look?

Not a surprise, it happened at the Greenmarket. I took one look at those irresistible and happy-looking Teddy Bear sunflowers and I was immediately smitten.

It was an easy next step to broaden the design concept to include the harvest! And to complete the Tablescape story, to add a bit of whimsy -- in this case, the "Back-To-School” element. I always look to add a wink and some charm when designing a tablescape.

The art of a tablescape’s storytelling is what distinguishes it from being just a pretty table. Furthermore, the story makes it unique -- no one else can tell your artful story.

Of course -- the very edibles we’ve been nurturing all summer in our farm-ette need to be celebrated. Just as the cornucopia of yore spilled forth with the bounty of the garden, I wanted to give our pretty - and delicious -- fruits and vegetables their own time to shine in the spotlight.

We revere our food -- so it’s only natural then they were to become the stars of a Harvest Tablescape.

What would be the best receptacle for the sunflowers? See, I don’t always use a traditional vase. Floral designs can often be best showcased in other, repurposed vessels, including liqueur glasses, antique or vintage glasses or jars, local glass works, napkin rings - I have ghost ones that have a side pocket insert for buds and blossoms. There’s also plenty of cocktail and baking items that are cute and clever enough to re-purpose within a tablescape.

I discovered a long-forgotten vase that seemed to jump out from my tablescape inventory shelf -- and why not? After all, it is adorned with -- drum roll, please -- sunflowers!

It made the cut, of course. To balance out the center of table floral display - I looked for two others. The glossy black urns would work in scale and the color looks crisp with the yellow of the sunflowers. I had to find a way to keep water inside the urns for the flower stems, and found that egg cups did the job -- in turn placing them inside the urns.

I also brought out the autumn soup tureens that look like squash and pumpkins that I got some years ago at William-Sonoma. Pretty. And functional.

Overall, you can see and understand how the tablescape design gets layered. Each element adds to the story and suggests yet another object or component that will enhance the look.

I kept the mirrored plates with the gold glitter on the table (preserves the integrity of the antique table -- and well, you just can’t have too much glitter!)

Gold and black was fashioning a bold and striking color statement for this emerging tablescape. It was infusing an elegant, eye-catching appearance.

I spray painted small faux pumpkins last year and placed them at key spots on the table.

I also used the big gold pollinators: bees, grasshoppers and butterflies. After all, the pollinators are key to growing our gardens -- in the real world!

Clear glass square vases could best hold the harvest -- a colorful display of peppers of all colors, and topped off with lipstick red tomatoes.

We grow shisito peppers (these are super delicious to enjoy at your evening’s cocktail hour - just blistered and seasoned with sea salt), jalapeno, chile,

and this year we grew chef Dan Barber’s Row 7 peppers. We were delighted with the beautiful Habanada Pepper -- all the taste without the sizzling tongue burning.

Love it! It’s a perfect ingredient for so many dishes - from salads to soups.

The whimsical “pièce de résistance” that anchored the Back to School story line was the placement of little chalkboards on a tripod -- used to label or identify food / dishes on a buffet. You’ve seen them at events, probably.

I used the chalk that comes with the mini blackboards and wrote out a few “lessons.” Arithmetic: 1+1+1=3; The Capital of NJ is __; A,B,C, and “Teacher’s Pet.”

They looked great - - so engaging and fun -- plus, the blackboard’s color accented and harmonized the black and gold cover style that this composition had taken on.

To add sparkle when the sun goes down -- outside (ha) -- I added string lights to the tabletop to keep the spotlight on our sunny, sunflowers, inside.

Concealed in short gold cups that are repurposed from a previous, floral display; topped with mini green-striped faux pumpkins to hide the mechanics of the string lights. This way, the glitter peeks out, adding just the right amount of enchanting glow to the sunflowers and table decor.


Today’s “lesson” in tablescape design is:
  • Tell a story with your tablescape look; 
  • Design with the season; 
  • Use what you have -- repurpose items 
  • Celebrate the “food as character” design element
  • Add in some fanciful or playful elements that solicits a wink and smile for you and your guest

Enjoy your glamorous, Back-To-School tablescape. Or contact me and I’ll design one for you.

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

How to Reimagine a Dated Fireplace - A Lesson in Interior Design

After the Paint and re-design but previously ----

This was the old fireplace "before" or the "mid-before" - after the first deconstruction 

Oh, if I’d had a dime for every minute I spent designing the interior decor around a dated piece of a pre-renovation, fixer-upper element of our country house home. 

We inherited a fireplace that extends from floor to ceiling. The imposing structural piece sported what is commonly referenced as a 70’s harvest gold influence - even though the fireplace might’ve been there since the house was first built in the swinging 60’s.

First the paint: Gold? Terracotta? Putty? Beige?

I posted color swatches

I looked to color coordinate the gold stones with a complimentary wall color that would also work with the butter yellow of the kitchen, the dreamy blue quartz island and counter tops, and the dining space that are part of the area’s open floor plan.

We worked the furniture reupholstery swatches

We chose the French blue and yellow and gold tailored fabric to redo the two couches.

From the copper inserts in the new tile floor to the rich, jewel-toned coppery, nutty-colored fabrics…

I was coming around to be quite satisfied that the blue and gold and yellows and the brown wood of our new, antique table, were working together nicely.

Eventually, the colors, including the new putty or terracotta - or is it cinnabar? - of the new rug - all came together. That element, along with the textures was balanced and well, rewarding.

I very much subscribe to the Dorothy Draper style of orchestrating adjacent rooms that allow the flow for the eyes -- and the experience -- to gracefully unfold and moreover - move you through from one space to another.

I had managed to go from a soft blue in the entry hallway to the soft, butter yellow to gold - onto to that melon/terracotta/sunrise-inspired saturated “glow” color of the Garden Room beyond.

So life went on. Terrific tablescapes; divine dining…

But then, maybe four or so years later, while enjoying one of my “Ladies Who Lunch” with an award-winning interior designer, Mary Fran - who I was introduced to by another accomplished woman - seamstress and designer Aimee Humphreys (Love a good “Ladies Network”) - that the design look took a decided turn. For the better.

For those who don’t follow regularly - I am so committed to learning from great, accomplished, artful women that I schedule as many “Ladies Who Lunch” experiences as I can. I’m always open to learning and seeking the counsel and advice of experts - especially the best dames. I continually long for more…
Back to the design issue at hand.

While Mary Fran and I were touring my house and garden designs - the inspired design epiphany floated in.

Allow me to readily admit that Bill and my taste runs to the eclectic. Each and every element is hand-picked, artisanal, unique -- utterly charming and sophisticated and elegant and personal; over time, reviewed by media and friends and family alike - as top-tier… We so appreciate and are so grateful for the decor feedback… It’s been a true labor of love creating the look.

Yet, you can understand when I say there could’ve been some awkward moments showing a professional interior designer my own designs and compositions. But there wasn’t any of that. Just lots of mutual, simpatico, love of interior and exterior design.

Winding up the tour, I asked Mary Fran: “Anything you want to critique - feel free to suggest and share…”

And then, so gently and honestly and refreshingly, Mary Fran flicked her decor head, nodding towards the end of the room to answer my challenge. “I’d paint the fireplace.”

What?! I eagerly replied. Followed by a quick, “How can we do that?”

“Simple,” Mary Fran said. “ Just like you had your front-of-house bricks painted, here too you can paint the fireplace stones.”

The logic was embarrassingly overwhelming. A head-smacking epiphany.

Here it was. A timely design alternative.

Now that I learned I could readily paint those buggery gold harvest stones, I was design engerized.

Happy day! I was excited to change the room’s look to better enhance the elegance of the room; to coordinate the true decor and spirited ambience, with the open space kitchen and dining area that embraces the fireplace.

I eagerly headed to select a palette of blue-grey paint colors.

I monitored the painter and the application of the variety of the different paints to achieve the subtle hues and shades to achieve the natural grey/blue/slate look, including the hearth.

Bill painted the fireplace grill a basic, sophisticated matte black.

Now, the wall behind the fireplace could be completed -- and painted to compliment with the other kitchen and dining room’s pale sweet butter-colored walls. Voila!

The change has most assuredly updated and changed the look of the entire space. We love it. And in fact, the change prompted me to reconsider the color palette of the furniture. I determined we could redo the couch that’s there - giving it a more tailored look and new fabric, along with the dining room seats.

I visited my go-to fabric emporium here in Gotham, Mood Fabrics --

home of Project Runway - and the cutest, most revered pooch, “Swatches.”

I came away with a valise full of fabric swatches to consider and rifled through them in situ - and surprisingly came to choose the fabric for the seat and reconfigured couch rather quickly. Both are a kind of textured, almost ultrasuede, in two different soft shades of a blue-ish, grey-ish, green-ish celadon.

Now, the colors better capture the greys and blues and seafoam of the fireplace - and the persian rug under the dining table -- and ultimately to the water views just beyond the floor-to-ceiling windows that face the dining room and kitchen. Do you want to see?


And we retained that iconic Dorothy Draper room flow that leads the eye

Thank you, Mary Fran. I couldn’t have been more appreciative and honored.

Until -- until I saw Mary Fran featured in NJ Design Magazine! She’s a star.

And I was lucky she was in my constellation. I love the design community - so creative and giving.

So glamorous…

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

It’s Still Summer: Cocktails to Cruise to an End of Season Happy Place

Red Almond Beetle Bliss Cocktail 

Red Almond Beetle Bliss*   

Recently, we were looking to enjoy a cocktail that was a little tiki; a bit of a favorite summer classic -- the Negroni and one that embraced Bill’s favorite fruit - the Red Jacket tart cherries.

So I played around with the ingredients and came up with a cocktail that we loved. Hope you do too.

You can also do equal parts gin and Orgeat.


Put a few ice cubes in a cocktail shaker; add in the ingredients; wait until all cold and shake. Add the frothy mix to a chilled coupe glass.


Add a few fresh cherries or true maraschino cherries as garnish. You can also add edible flowers that are plentiful this time of year. Red Hibiscus would be especially lovely.


* Did you know that until 2006, Campari originally colored with carmine dye, derived from crushed cochineal insects - beetles!


Vine-groni, photo courtesy of Nitecap and Bulldog Gin 

Vine-groni Made by Natasha David, Nitecap


Add to cocktail shaker; stir, strain


Quick pickled Persian cucumber slice, Tomolive & green pitted Castelveltrano olive on pick

Did you say Rum?

Our sun-filled days are numbered, so say goodbye to the summer with one last boozy hoorah by sipping on Ron Barceló’s Last Concho. Reedy and woody aromas of vanilla and toffee makes this refreshing taste not very unlike my orgeat infused Red Bliss... 

The drinks’ sunset coloring gives a nostalgic touch, while its combination of Ron Barceló Añejo, Triple sec, citrus pineapple mix, and grenadine gives it a sweet and sour zing for a symbolic finish.

Last Concho

Last Concho, photo courtesy Ron Barcelo 


  • 1.5 oz Ron Barceló Añejo
  • .5 oz Triple Sec
  • 2 oz. Citrus Pineapple Mix

Combine all ingredients in shaker. Shake vigorously. Pour over crushed ice and top with a touch of grenadine. Pour into a small coupe glass

Touch of Grenadine

New Exclusive Cocktails Featured at the Cove Lounge - and featured at their weekly Caribbean Thursday party.

Cove Rum Punch:  
Cove Rum Punch, courtesy of Cove Lounge


Add Wray & Nephew, Pineapple, orange and cranberry juice. Squeeze a lime in and add ice. Shake, pour all ingredients into highball. 


Top off with Meyers Dark Rum float and blue edible flower.

Sweet Ting Mojito

  • 1 ½ oz. Bacardi Banana
  • 1 oz. Coco Lopez
  • 3 strawberries (sliced into 3 or 4)
  • 5-8 mint leaves (depending on size)
  • 2 limes 
  • 1/2 oz Simple syrup
  • 1/2 oz Lime juice

Muddle the strawberries in lime juice and simple syrup in the highball, then add the lime and mint to muddle (not too much) Add the Bacardi Banana. Add the Coco Lopez. Add the ice, and top with club soda. stir all the ingredients to open it up.

Sweet & Spicy Margarita
  • 1 1/2 oz Herradura Silver 
  • 1/2 oz Cointreau
  • 1 oz simple syrup
  • 1/2 oz lime juice
  • 1/2 oz lemon juice
  • 1 oz pineapple juice
  • 2 slices of jalepano (1 for garnish)

Rim the glass with salt & cayenne pepper mixed and put to the side. Muddle a small piece of jalapeno (the bigger the piece, the spicier it will be) with simple syrup and lime juice.

Add Herradura Silver, Cointreau, pineapple juice and lemon juice. Add ice. Shake. Strain over ice in the glass.

 Rim the glass with salt and cayenne pepper; Garnish with a fresh jalapeno pepper or a few slices (seeds removed!) and a slice of lime.

Cove Lounge is located on Malcom X Boulevard (at West 126th St), NYC.

Fabulous Finishing Touches!

Thursday, August 30, 2018

Say Cheese! Less Labor/More Flavor -- How to Choose Cheese to Serve For The Holidays; Hostess Gift

Say cheese!

Is it any wonder that the gateway to every happy photo shoot is launched with the admonition to say everyone’s favorite food? CHEESE!

I did come to wonder about how this standard phrase came about. So research shows another happy, cheese formula for smiling when you have your picture taken. According to “It comes from former Ambassador Joseph E. Davies who is quoted as saying “cheese” is guaranteed to make you look pleasant no matter what you're thinking. Mr. Davies disclosed the formula while having his own picture taken on the set of his ‘Mission to Moscow.’ “It's simple. Just say ‘Cheese.’ It's an automatic smile. I learned that from a politician.” And because Ambassador Davies served under President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, “It’s reasonable to speculate that it was Roosevelt who introduced the phrase into the language.”

So there you have it. A great American patriot launched a bazillion happy cheese moments.

Therefore, it’s only fitting that in preparation for your upcoming holiday parties - starting with this weekend’s Labor Day, along with other events and personal celebrations, to look to cheese as the go-to happy food to serve. Or to bring as the perfect Hostess Gift.

Cheese may be one of the few edible delights that can be enjoyed straight away; adorned with a palette of flavor compliments from fig to truffles to chocolate, nuts and fruits; added to both savory and sweet recipes; celebrated as a hostess gift, a panache party star - revered at the foodie altar of desire and devotion. And perfect for a picnic!

Can one ever have too much cheese? No, is the simple answer.

Recently, I had the privilege to attend a Murray’s Cheese tasting. For those of you who do know about the iconic Murray’s, indulge me here as I want my readers who don’t have the privilege of shopping in this classic New York, Greenwich Village food emporium, or who haven’t wanted to share their secret online cheese resource, here is the pedigree:

“Established in 1940, Murray's Cheese is a beloved fixture of New York's Greenwich Village. Along with neighboring food destinations like Faicco's, Ottomanelli's and Rocco's, Murray's is part of the rich food history of this formerly Italian enclave. In its 75+ year history, Murray’s has evolved into a world-renowned specialty food destination that offers the finest selection of cheese, meat and grocery items.”

Amen. Visiting the shop is kinda’ like a spiritual experience. Moreover, just like that great American patriot who introduced the smilin’ “Cheese” photo expression, Murray’s too, is all about sourcing local - cheeses, with an added homage to seasonal offerings. According to Murray’s “Hundreds of cheeses are ripening in our stat-of-the-art caves in Long Island City.” Doesn’t get too much more local than that.

This post is about introducing you to new cheese options, pairings, presentations, ways to learn more about this ever-fascinating and enduring food treasure. Plus, tips on how to access the Murray’s Cheeses if you are in a cheese desert!

I can honestly say everything at the tasting was incredible. A discovery. I pride myself on knowing cheese. Long an enthusiast -- a Swiss school student, indulging in cheese platters, raclette, fondue and oh… but the tasting elevated my cheese “game.”

Simply put - Murray’s Cheese offers a constellation of delicious cheese food and pairings that will readily and easily enhance the luxury of your edible lifestyle. Cheese is decadent, sensual, gooey, tangy, tart, spicy…

And the cheeses are so versatile and attractive that they are a natural for making presentations and tablescapes so lovely. Chic or rustic. Cheese looks elegant cut into cubes, stacked on tiered serving dishes or spread out on all kinds of serving trays - silver, wood, or glass -- or on wooden cutting boards. Or slate. A Cheese table decor infuses the imagination so that you can pair up with drinks -- wine or cocktails, candles, flowers, and herbs…

First up, is the Murray’s Cheese holiday offerings.

Cheese is agnostic. Whatever your Holiday is that’s coming up -- Murray’s has a Collection to embrace your celebration:

Featured Holiday Collections
Cave Aged Collection – $90 – Includes: Murray’s Cavemaster Reserve Annelies, Murray’s Cavemaster Reserve Greensward, Murray’s Cavemaster Reserve Project X, Murray’s Blueberry Jam, and Urban Oven Olive Oil Crackers

La Dolce Vita – $120 – Includes: Piave Vecchio, Murray’s La Tur, Taleggio, Gorgonzola Mountain, Murray’s Sopressata Salami, Murray’s Speck, Castelvetrano Olives, and Naturpuglia Taralli Classic Crackers

The MVP: Most Valuable Platter – $135 – Includes: Murray’s Cave Aged Gruyere, Clothbound Cheddar, Humboldt Fog, Grayson, Point Reyes Blue, Prosciutto San Daniele, Wild Boar Salami, Castelvetrano Olives, Jan’s Farmhouse Crisps, and Z Crackers Sea Salt & Olive Oil Crackers

Truffle Lover’s Collection – $180 – Includes: Truffle Parrano, Truffle Burrata, Da Rosario Truffle Honey, Cypress Grove Truffle Tremor, Murray’s Truffle Mousse Pate, Creminelli Tartufo Salami, Pipcorn Truffle, and Fabrique Delices Black Truffle Butter

Cocktail Accoutrements – $265 – Includes: Murray’s Preserved Walnuts, Wood’s Cider Milled Boiled Cider Syrup, Black Cherry Confit, Be Home Onyx Bottle Opener, Promitivizia Muglio Pinecone Bud Syrup, Divina Blue Cheese Stuffed Olives, Queen Majesty Jalapeño Tequila & Lime Hot Sauce, Be Home Cocktail Shaker, and Murray’s Grapefruit Vinegar

While they’ve only highlighted five gift collections above, be assured Murray’s has countless gift collections on their website. If your friends and family like cheese, meat and specialty grocery items, they’ve got you covered! For more information about Murray’s curated gift collections, please visit: And if you enter your email - you’ll get 10% off the order.

Build Your Own Gift

While Murray’s Cheese offers fantastic curated gift collections, they understand that sometimes you want to put together a customized gift infused with your own flare. Therefore, these cheese hospitality masters have made it super simple to execute both online and in their New York City stores (Bleecker Street & Grand Central Market).

Murray’s sources its cheeses from all over -more than 300 cheeses just in their cases alone.

I asked what the top holiday cheese gifting holidays are. The answers are kinda’ surprising. But not. Mothers Day, Christmas and Valentine’s Day - which alone is up 70%. Self-Gifting is up too. In an era of Selfies - that makes sense!

If you choose to purchase via the online route, the expert Murray Cheesemongers will cut, wrap, fill and ship your package according to your exact specifications. Combine your favorite cheeses, meats, specialty grocery items, homeware, apparel, and more to create the perfect gift for your friends and family.

If you live in New York City and opt for an in-store shopping experience, they sell gift boxes in both of their New York City stores, where you can hand-pick items to fill it with - so much fun customizing the gift to make it a completely personalized gift option. The perks of shopping in-store include: being able to speak with passionate mongers who are extremely knowledgeable about the 300+ cheeses they carry, you can sample as many cheeses as you’d like (oh that alone is worth the gifting!), and you can turn the process of building a friend or family member’s gift into a special shopping experience.

For more information about our Build Your Own Gift option, please visit:

I had to ask: What’s trending in cheese?

Answer: Cheese with truffles. What a perfect gift! Also, Truffles and honey and cheese. And Truffle popcorn. Of course these would be trending! Salt and cheese is a seductive pairing. Moreover, this is a wonderful food presentation to serve with champagne, for example. Many readers - and myself included - have looked for a superior, elegant match to champagne or prosecco. This works.

And the hits keep coming. Cheese is increasingly served as a pairing with craft cocktails. Think blue cheese stuffed olives.

Murray’s offers a variety of Cheese Collections. The samples at the tasting highlighted the flavors, foods, and textures that amplify and enrich the cheese experience.

Featured Catering Platters
American Farmstead Cheese Platter – Includes: Sweet Grass Dairy Green Hill, Cypress Grove Humboldt Fog, Murray’s Select Cabot Clothbound Cheddar, Pleasant Ridge Reserve, and Point Reyes Blue

Small Platter (serves 10-12): $135

Large Platter (serves 15-20): $160

Charcuterie & Antipasti Platter – Includes: Prosciutto di Parma, Sopressata, Mortadella, Dry Salami, Spiced Chorizo, Herb-Marinated Bite-Size Mozzarella, Italian Mixed Olives, Cornichons, On-the-Stem Artichoke Hearts, and Whole Grain Mustard

Small Platter (serves 10-12): $135

Large Platter (serves 15-20): $160

Cheese Puffs – All-butter puff pastry with handfuls of grated Grana Padano
1 platter (serves 15-20): $30

Bacon Wrapped Dates – Stuffed with Marcona almonds and Bucheron cheese
1 dozen: $30

Murray’s CaveMaster Reserve - I can’t help but love this. In no small part because of the pedigree - the history. See, Murray’s cave-aging process was the first in New York City. This is the high end of the cheese platters, featuring “Herbaceous Hudson Flower, roasted peanutty Cornelia, caramelly Tarentaise, snacky Bandaged Cheddar, and savory Barden Blue. Ahhhh - true luxury.

The Classic, Cheese Platter of the Month and more…

Looking to bring excitement to your next wine tasting or cocktail party? This is not your “father’s cheese platter!” Murray’s cheese platters are serious show stoppers. Cheese is presented in all its glory accompanied with dried fruit, Marcona almonds, grapes, bread and crackers; just unwrap and get your cheese on. “Whether you are feeding a group of seasoned curd-ophiles or fromage new-comers,” Murray’s has a selection of platters for whatever crowd you are entertaining. Cheese elevates every occasion - it’s easy too to set out cheese and homegrown pairings. What to do with all those tomatoes and basil from the garden?

If you just can’t bear the thought of choosing cheeses, no worries. Be happy. Murray’s has a catering coterie that will take care of everything.

For more information about Murray’s Catering department, please visit:

Educational Public Classes
At Murray’s they say there’s only one thing they love more than cheese - sharing that passion for cheese with you. Therefore, they’ve designed educational events to offer a myriad of ways to get your cheese on, from Cheese 101 to Mozzarella Making to Wine & Cheese pairings, there’s a class for everyone. Murray’s staff was showcasing how to make mozzarella during the tasting and I couldn’t have been more impressed: taste and culinary authenticity. Do it.

If you’re ready to take it to the next lactic level, enlist in our Murray's Cheese Boot Camp, a three day intensive weekend full of everything you could ever want to know about cheese and then some. The classes can be a great team-building company event.

No matter who you’re buying for – a class with Murray’s Cheese makes a perfect gift. It's an experience.

For a full list of classes, please visit:

Cheese Towers

Expertly curated arrangement of cheese wheels stacked and adorned with flowers, fresh fruit, and/or other decorations. It’s the perfect showcase of taste and style. Not only will your tower dazzle guests visually, but each unique wheel of cheese will become a perfectly balanced cheese plate and a delicious part of your special day.

Murray’s cheese towers are completely customizable and can be made for any size party from ten people to hundreds of people. Make a wedding, engagement party, birthday party, bachelorette party or any gathering with friends and family that much more special with one of our cheese towers. I love this!

You can select one of Murray’s signature towers or make it your own by choosing the color palate or cheese types you wish to complete your special occasion with. For more information about our cheese towers, please visit:

More About Murray’s Cheese
Murray’s opened a second retail location in Grand Central Terminal in 2002. Murray’s businesses also include a wholesale team that sells to 600+ restaurants and hotels, an E-commerce business, year-round educational programs, a full-service restaurant, Murray’s Cheese Bar, private events, catering and state-of-the-art cheese aging caves in Long Island City, New York.

Follow Murray’s on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (@murrayscheese) or visit their website: You can order online and pick up at retail, too.