Saturday, January 17, 2015

All That Glitters: Glamorous Winter Beauty

Garden Glamour is dazzling wrapped in winter's cold.

The official notice this week was that 2014 was the hottest year on record according to the NOAA's National Climatic Data Center and NASA.

So one may be forgiven for some cold-head scratching.  See, it's not "global warming"-- as in "OK, I don't care if things heat up a bit.  After all, we had a 'Polar Vortex' in 2014."
It's all about climate change.  It's the extreme swings in temperature -- as just one element -- that is wreaking havoc on the plant world and the natural ecosystems.
Garden designers and garden lovers saw the damage early and late frosts saw first-hand the damage to their hydrangeas and cherry laurels, along with some other woody perennials.

Can we make an "pinkie-promise" to love our winter season?
It's so beautiful.  From Shadow Art to tree silhouettes against the winter sky to happy birds to pussy-willow-like jackets on the Star Magnolias that capture the sun and moonlight to dazzling lights -- both nature's and our own twinkling spectacle.

Enjoy and embrace the beauty of the season - every day.
Here are a few images of my glamorous garden winter.  Images reflect some garden clients' holiday garden decor, our home, the glittering spectacle of our world in Gotham and the quiet bliss of remembering our loved ones who now shine like the stars …
Perhaps this is why we recreate the sparkling sky in our holiday glittering light designs and why winter lights shine so bright… We are closer to our to heaven...

We decorate with food and cuttings from our garden
This is my beloved Father's grave.
I have sometimes wondered why more Americans - and especially contemporary Americans - don't visit the graves of their family and loved ones. It's surely a sign of respect.  At the same time, I often hear this: "They are not there."  I understand this. But for me, the grave is a portal - the place we humans can still "touch" our beloved.  As far as visiting cemeteries and their impact on families and the world of horticulture, you can read my Garden Glamour blog about GreenWood Cemetery.    For now, I'm thinking I will design some pretty, glamorous, and appropriate grave "Celebrations" vs. grave "blankets" that offer no honor or beauty.  

Our neighbor's sparkling holiday lights! 

We decorate with food:  Here Bill & I are dehydrating fresh organs - what a luxury - to make delicious indoor garlands for winter bliss

A pretty, delicious kitchen island treat made from oranges & apples. Snack on this! 

Garden Clients shimmery containers with a "hug" of nandina-lined walk that turns red in time for Holidays

Garden Client Twinkling Lights

First-year Winter Blooming White Camellias!

Glittering, Glistening, Crystal -- Table Jewelry!

Ok - this isn't glittering - but I'm still seeing "Stars" over Edible Magazine naming my book, The Hamptons & Long Island Homegrown Cookbook, #1!

And when you need that resplendant plant boost and exhilarating horticultural rush of plant oxygen, visit the botanical gardens.  The conservatories and outdoor garden displays are transporting.

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