Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Holiday Exterior Garden Design: Container Compositions Kissed with Winter Greens & Edibles

What do white pine, Lady Apples, cranberries, rosemary and cut holly greens say about the holidays?  

A Happy, Homegrown, Seasonal Celebration.

The combination of garden edibles and clippings from conifers and hollies captured in the yard contribute to a robust, holiday welcome decor.

Anyone can create a unique holiday composition with ingredients from the garden.  

Mother Nature directs the exterior design and ignites the imagination.  

Conifers and hollies benefit from cuttings at this time of year when the plants are in a dormant stage.  
String the cranberries and Lady Apples.  
Cut rosemary or other herbs from the garden add to the edible container compositions.

Add a few glittery, gold or colored balls and lights and well - the sigh-inducing, magical, seasonal spirit of the holidays is captured in home garden design. 

The water garden's urn boasts gold balls and garden elements.  Fish approved!

Fountain-sitting for a garden design client couple who are still not back in their Superstorm-Sandy ravaged home.  Their fountain sprite called out to me; she needed a colorful scarf!

Add a holiday bow to a childhood sled and happy memories greet guests before they hit the front door!


  1. Too awesome! The lady pine and lady apple says. It’s great to stumble upon your blog and seen the beauty of your front door. Love the design!

  2. Thank you. The Homegrown container designs for clients are so appreciated.

  3. Greenery touch with this superb Home Design gives a attractive look with Eco friendly environment.