Sunday, July 22, 2012

Summer Garden Harvest

This is my first real posting from the new writing room.

In the exuberant experience expressed in the iconic charge from the Titanic movie star Leonardo DeCaprio, “I am the king of the world.” 
I too feel a sense of exuberance – a literary optimism.

Just as my first book, “The Hamptons & Long Island Homegrown Cookbook” explored and embraced the relationship between the chef and their local, homegrown, artisanal grower that most inspired them, our own Garden State “farme-ette” inspired this weekend’s dinner menu.

Our homegrown garden yielded a bumper crop of edible delights. 
Today, we harvested this year’s potatoes: Chieftens, Nicola, and Yukon Gold.

I continue to yield and enjoy the just-picked garlic. 
Seasonly sad, my husband has advised I demur from indulging in our homegrown garlic.
I reek!
At the same time, I am not altogether convinced that it's not worth the olfactory sensation!  It's that good.  Fresh, crisp, peppery... 

Plus the basil and parsley contributed to the best Pesto this season!

Just as I lovingly noted in my book’s Acknowledgements, my beloved father’s father and I would dig up the earthly jewels of earth, to harvest the best homegrown potatoes. 
To this day, it has never lost the allure and magic.

Squash blossom went from garden to plate, cooked with pinch of anchovy paste & ricotta. It was supreme!

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