Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Gotham’s Gardening Gurus Go Glamorous-- The New York Times’ Bill Cunningham shines his Evening Hours spotlight on the city’s garden landscape leaders

My, oh my.  It’s been quite a season for some of the best of Gotham’s garden lovers.

Recently, The Style section’s charming cameraman Bill Cunningham -- adored for his keen eye for tasteful style and artful news, led him to feature two of New York City’s more dedicated and talented garden enthusiasts. 

Evening Hours – a veritable who’s who in New York society and philanthropy and A-list over-achievers and all-round do-gooders, recently highlighted Betsy Pinnover Schiff and Linda Yang. And right there, just like that, our garden gals were in the company of that dreamy Alec Baldwin (oooh those dimples!) and Mayor Bloomberg, and David Bush and his newish wife, Lauren Bush Lauren (I just like saying her name!), along with the Lauders (whose rooftop garden Betsy photographed in her last book, “New York City Gardens.” 

Central Park Landscape:
On Sunday, October 16th The Style page sparkled with Betsy Pinnover Schiff and her book party.  Standing next to Betsy is Cecilia Herbert. 
The two are holding an open copy of Betsy’s latest book, with the rich color photographs on full display.   (And right above is a former boss of mine: Ira Neimark and his latest book, “The Rise of Fashion and Lessons Learned at Bergdorf Goodman.”

Betsy’s sixth book, “Windows on Central Park: The Landscape Revealed” is a gem. 
The photos are like a fantasy as seen from a magical tree house high up in the clouds. 
Only Betsy could manage to secure the keys to the kingdom -- to take readers on an intimate tour of the breathtaking sky-scape views of Central Park, from the majestic homes that ring the world-class park. 

The Olmstead design of Central Park is now part of the homeowners’ decorative arts – a backdrop to their home décor.

It is Betsy’s keen eye, though, that interprets and curates just the right heart-stopping vistas.  She adds a perspective and dimension to the park views that confirm her homage to the park’s landscape as an enduring and compelling work of art.

There are more than 140 photographs showcasing the park in all four seasons, from all four sides.
Notables from Candice Bergen to Giorgio Armani to Donald Trump provide their own love letters about what the park means to them.

It’s all scandalously voyeuristic…

You can purchase the book from Amazon.com: http://tiny.cc/rfl3x

Betsy’s website offers more background information about the book:


From Mayor Bloomberg’s Million Tree Project: http://www.milliontreesnyc.org 
to tree restoration after the recent storms.

Linda Yang, an ardent, tireless garden expert and garden writer was honored for her association and support of Trees New York, along with Pete Grannis, a former Commissioner of the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation.

Linda is a smart, fun and talented garden expert who knows a whole lot about trees and gardens.  
We love her.
As a garden writer, Linda has written many books, notably, “City Gardener’s Handbook: The Definitive Guide to Small-Space Gardening”
You can order here: 

I am honored to know and work with both garden gurus. 
I am delighted to showcase their talent and tireless efforts to make our town ever more green and glamorous and beautiful with their garden magic.

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