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Art of the Garnish Cocktail Party & Booksigning Brings Together Influencers at Michelin-Starred Kosaka Restaurant to Celebrate Food and Drink Finishing Touches

Cheers! To Art of the Garnish book launch cocktail party (photo courtesy: CJ McCoy)

Oh what a night! It was a rainy, bleak Monday in Manhattan on the day of of my Art of the Garnish cocktail party — and it was crazy getting around town to secure the fresh ingredients needed for the event.  The week prior I got the liquor from my trusty Union Square Liquors  - thank you Katherine and team for all the deliveries on the night of - plus all the great inspiration as I muddled creative cocktail combinations as I perused your extensive, curated offerings.
So too, Lior’s fabulous LaBoite spices and other non-perishable ingredients. I made sure I secured his special spices I use as garnish.
(More on the kooky, sitcom-like events leading up to the elegant event, as this story progresses...)

First, I can’t thank Kosaka restaurant - especially culinary chef and entrepreneur, Mihyun - along with her husband, Key, who not only showcase Gotham’s only Michelin-starred Japanese restaurant — three times ~ drum roll, if you will - and a big salute to executive chef Yoshihiko Kousaka ~ but the owners are also so savvy as to provide an extraordinary cultural arts program.

The Kosaka Arts program is very much separate from their cuisine but sincerely part of their brand. The Arts program embraces a vast portfolio of offerings, including, garden art, baking bread, floral art, and much, much, more… This is such an extraordinary resource and artful touchstone, that when the Arts’ curator and manger - and a horticultural icon and artist “she-ro” of mine - EunYoung Sebazco asked me if I would do an Art of the Garnish food and drink presentation, I was humbled and honored and, of course, said yes straight away.

For those of you who don’t know, Kosaka is a very elegant restaurant and the Arts program is very VIP ~ limited seating. So, in the end, to have one more guest than the maximum was a huge success (and a big sigh of relief for me!).

Early February was also the clarion call for me getting the menu together for my selection of cocktails and food pairings for this special Garnish book signing event.

With a 90-minute presentation, I figured that we could provide four drinks and five food pairings. I would do two of my creations.
I asked two of the Garnish book’s star mixologists - (friends and family alike) to join me to present their contributions to Garnish.

All too soon, it was February. It was time to prepare for the Garnish cocktail party. Invitations were sent. The Eventbrite posting was up:

I was very honored that both Tom Sebazco and Jessica Wohlers said yes. Both are fine artists, as well as cocktail artists. Tom’s portfolio of drink designs can be experienced at Fitzgerald’s Pub and Jessie is the artisanal drink guru and manager at Leyenda in Brooklyn.

Here was the food and drink menu:

We also offered a Spicy Chile Lime Chicken and Meatballs dish with lime zest, skewered, on a bed of bibb lettuce with a garlicky, avocado yogurt dressing to pair with Tom’s delicious jerk chicken. I love to marry spicy, Caribbean-inspired recipes to stand up - and play well - with the muscular, fruit-laden drinks - which Tom’s Superstorm Sandy is the poster boy!

Because I adore all things that contribute to a sophisticated Cocktail Culture - just think -- we have our own style ~ cocktail dresses & cocktail rings; cocktail tables, cocktail lounges, bar carts, our own napkins, and even times of the day: Happy Hour and "the morning after!" Therefore, it may not come as a surprise that I had customized Art of the Garnish cocktail napkins made.

I found a delightful, dedicated creator on Etsy. Jenny McMinn from Personalized Cups who made the production process easy~sneezy. She’s a doll to work with.  I sent her an image and poof - just like that - she forwarded the mock-ups and I was good-to-go.

However, the napkins almost didn’t make it. On the day of the Garnish event there was nary a napkin. After much back and forth with our doorman (we live in a gorgeous Gotham building that is rather small by New York standards - everyone knows everybody else and some have lived there for generations.  There was no place for my napkins to hide; in spite of Jenny’s admonishment urging us to “look in the back.” Alas, there is no “back” I pleaded to Jenny….
In the end, Jenny is a dedicated professional - dare I say a plucky lass just like a true New York lady - who never gave up. She kept trying to locate the package all day, just as we did. It was near 3 pm - going on 4 o’clock when I fretted again that if I had the time, I’d go to the Post to see if the napkins were there - (despite all the recommendations that they were delivered to our building.)
See, I had to trek over to the manicurist to repair a chipped nail!! Couldn’t have that mar my cocktail ring finger! Sigh...
Ended up, the cocktail napkins never made it out of the Post Office! Bill took one last stab at the cocktail napkin caper rescue. He’s my hero! Thank you, Jenny. (They were “in the back” there. Ha!) The napkins are so adorable and so are you.

The other unanticipated drama that afternoon - (I told you it was a sitcom) -  my little black cocktail dress was to have been delivered at three. At four-thirty I was beside myself when it wasn’t. Close to five it showed up. The event was half past six!

Got the Uber. And in spite of the hour and the rain ~ we arrived at the restaurant tout suite with some time to work.  Jess was an oasis of serenity mixing up her Sweater Weather cocktail and garnish.

At Kosaka’s dining sushi bar, EunYoung and I placed the printed menus on the exquisite tableware that is hand-crafted by the ceramic artist, Akihito Nikaido. These plates and dishes are breathtaking works of art that grace the tables and add sophistication to the dining experience.
My food pairings and presentation bow to his artisanal creations.

The guests were a delightful blend of long-time, friends - some from my botanical garden days, some from the horticultural/garden design world, some foodies, some extended family, and some brand new friends. This is what I would call a perfectly delightful mix of personalities and styles.
Thank you, all for attending the Art of the Garnish Cocktail Party and lending your swanky style to such a posh affair.

And thank you for the Garnish book love!

After EunYoung welcomed our guests and introduced the presenters, I kicked things off. We all toasted to us and the book with a glass of Chandon’s sparkling wine.  Chandon is a brand contributor to the Art of the Garnish. Be sure to make the Chandon fabulous cocktails featured in Art of the Garnish.  It was a festive, salutary start to the fun evening ahead.

I did a short reading from the Garnish book, then finished off the first cocktail of the night: I’m Nutty for You.
We had batched all the cocktails we were serving so we were pretty much good-to-go for each course, nevertheless, cocktails are oh-so-fresh that you really can’t prepare everything ahead of time.
I often quote an enduring cocktail adage, “There’s no doggie bag for a cocktail!”
It’s a very “of-the-moment” experience.

The food pairing here was a homemade whipped dip: chocolate “chips” with a caramel, peanut buttery delight, served with local pretzels and homemade graham crackers. The salty treats balanced the dip in taste and texture.

Whipping up the creamy dip
I wanted to serve this as first-course food pairing not only because it’s kind of a more traditional cocktail snack you'd be more accustomed to munching on with a drink but also because a key part of the I’m Nutty for You garnish is the glass rim is dipped in a local honey, then in graham crackers, and the artful finishing touch garnish is a pretty, speared "toothpick" with several Cracker Jacks! And of course, the Surprise found in every box!

So you see, the caramel, honey, nutty, salty flavors all played a kind of savory and sweet symphony.

In the Garnish book, I hope you’ll be tickled by the story surrounding my nutty cocktail creation.
You'll appreciate the ironic twist of using graham crackers as part of a drink that I meant to be a poke in the eye to Sylvester Graham who created graham cereals in the belief that whole wheat was a purer food ingredient. That's all good.  However, Graham also believed that kind of healthy eating coupled with no sex nor drink was the way to go. Ha! Now, it's a key ingredient in my drink.  Still, I’m sure Mr. Graham would have been tempted by my cocktail creation.

I love researching and creating drinks with food pairings that have a bit of a twist, (not the citrus kind!), a snippet of history, and a story to tell. And that are delicious, of course.

Next up was the polymath Jessica - who artfully described her cocktail contribution - her variation on Sweater Weather. This is one of my favorites - for many reasons. It’s rich and bold yet refreshing. I’ve served it many times to guests at home, at my first Art of Garnish book signing at Gina & Ted’s - and at the “”What’s New, What’s NextArt of the Garnish, Finishing Touches event at the NY Design Center event -- that wasn’t too long ago. Smile. (books take a loooonggg time to complete!)

It’s so fun to garnish this drink, too. Lots of options: Knitting needles are fun skewers - for the lemon with cloves classic featured in the book on Jessie’s drink, and /or candied ginger - to play up the ginger drink ingredient.

The food pairing was rice balls I made with coconut, ginger and turmeric - with a sexy, slightly spicy, soy sauce. Again, I aimed to have the flavors of the drink and food ingredients complement one another.
I also like creating a cocktail Barscape for this cocktail that includes a ball of yarn with artfully-placed knitting needles, along with the French wooden knitters I’ve had since I was a kid.

Sweater Weather - Art of the Garnish 
Next cocktail course:

Tom prepared one of his several contributions to Art of the Garnish: Superstorm Sandy.
I thought Tom's special creation would be a great feature for the Garnish cocktail party because not only is the drink fabulously refreshing but also the story behind its "birth" is one that New Yorkers who braved Superstorm Sandy — the hundred-year storm we’re still recovering from - would surely appreciate. Plus, Tom is a true artist and raconteur who can tell a great story. This is a great gift that good bartenders aspire to. And it is the reason why patrons seek out good bars and cocktail lounges for the unparalleled camaraderie and stories. Cocktails are stories… They go together like gin and tonic. Or bourbon and ginger or....

Tom didn’t disappoint! And just look at that luscious fruit garnish. Horst loved it too!

There were two food pairings for Superstorm Sandy: Spicy Chile Lime Chicken Meatballs with lime zest, skewered, on a bed of bibb lettuce with a garlicky, avocado yogurt dressing along with Tom’s special jerk chicken on skewers. Perfect fiery treats to the tropical drink.

I then returned for an Art of the Garnish reading and the final cocktail creation of the evening - a kind of dessert drink: Open Sesame.

This is one of my favorite drinks I created for the Garnish book. It's made with my fresh, toasted sesame and fresh tahini that I source from Seed and Mill in Chelsea Market.

And yet... On that afternoon of the Garnish cocktail party event when Bill and I went to get the tahini, (and missed our bus stop because I was trying to manage the cocktail napkin crisis!) the folks there at Seed & Mill said they were switching jar sizes so we had to go to Whole Foods up on 23rd Street to get the tahini. Arghhh! And the clock was ticking - loudly - by that point.
At least I was able to get two varieties of their fabulous, fresh halva, there, to serve with my prepared wine-roasted figs with sweet tahini yogurt, dried apricots and nuts that was the key element to the food pairing.  I count my blessings...

Back to the drink. The cream topping for Open Sesame is made by mixing the fresh cream in the cocktail shaker using the spring removed from the Hawthorn strainer - and shake it till foamy.  I pour the luscious, fresh cream on top of the mixed cocktail ingredients.

The garnish is a mix of La Boite’s Rose Petal and Desert Rose spice that blends halva, sesame, and rose petals.
Sometimes, I also sprinkle a dash of Lior’s Za'atar spice blend on top, too.
(As an aside, I love the Desert Rose on just about anything, really. It’s super terrific on yogurt with homemade granola and fruit and coconut.)

In terms of the all the drinks - I hope you are seeing the thoughtful pairings of flavors in the mixes and blends - along with their garnishes. It’s often said: “If it grows together, it goes together.”
You just need to be creative and stylish when choosing cocktail ingredients and their garnishes. Challenging but fun!

Plus the sheer beauty of this garnish is just so exotic and romantic. It’s a lovely finishing touch to a cocktail party or dinner party. Or just a happy hour!

I did another reading and then it was on to the book signings and Garnish book love.
And lots and lots of photos with the guests.
Debra Mallow - new book friend, Moi, & dear PR friend, Donna Austi. 

Art of Garnish new friends, Sarah Kang and her Mother?! Looks like sister! 

Influencers: Chiccsmf and Global.Loafer - hugs 

Moi and fabulous Horticulturist, garden designer, fashionista: Lynn Torgerson

Garnish book contributor, Marlo Gamora, Jessie Wohlers, & moi 

Me & dear friend - gorgeous, super successful, mother, and marathoner, CJ!
Quite a few of the guests brought their purchased books for autograph… Very cool book love.
Fashionistas- Dear Horst & garden design amiga, Lynn. What savvy style! 
Talented photographer -& my dear, sweet “Pussycat” Rachel & sweet, successful, fabulous, Michael  They are now Newlyweds!! 
Here, with the glamorous, sweet, wonderful Chohee @chohee_p
Chohee - I adore your posts - so creative - and I appreciate your attendance and support.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. To all who made this special night happen. To our special Garnish Guests. And to the brands - especially to Joe Gallo, Troy Antonucci for Hudson Manhattan Rye Whiskey and their superlative New York Rye Manhattan cocktail creation by brand ambassador, David Powell. There’s no better drink for Gotham guests than a Manhattan - especially with this quality, locally distilled spirit. Thank you.

And thank you to our special guests and their social media love, especially Terrance ~ @global.loafer my dear friend, CJ McCoy ~ the Recovering Cupcake Addict @chiccsmf Sarah @mz.sarahkang and Chohee - I adore your posts - so creative - and appreciate your attendance and support.

Just a sampling of the sweet and sassy Instagram posts they shared:

Cheers to you ~ Finishing Touches ~ and the Art of the Garnish!

Friday, February 14, 2020

Design and Thousands of Exotic, Colorful Orchids Mark NYBG's 2020 "Kaleidoscope" Orchid Show Featuring Famed Floral Designer Jeff Leatham

Design marks the 18th year for The New York Botanical Garden’s (NYBG) signature art feature: the much anticipated, annual Orchid Show.  
I came away from the Tuesday Press Preview smitten.  New decade ~ new look.  This year’s display is marked by an integration of a thoughtful, sophisticated design - with a capital “D.”  Which only makes sense because this year’s designer is Jeff Leatham, the award-winning artistic director of the Four Seasons Hotel George V, Paris, with studios also at the Four Seasons Hotel Philadelphia at Comcast Center and the Four Seasons Hotel Los Angeles at Beverly Hills. According to NYBG, “He has been creating a sensation with his floral installations since he began his career in 1995. His work is a combination of his love for flowers and passion for design. Using shape, color, and simplicity, his creations are dramatic, bold, unforgettable statements that are always an integral part of the setting. Leatham has produced spectacular displays in Paris for nearly two decades, and in 2014, he was knighted with the Ordre des Arts et des Lettres—the highest honor for artists and others who have made a significant contribution to French culture. His clients include Cher, Dolly Parton, Tina Turner, Oprah Winfrey, the Kardashians, His Holiness the Dalai Lama, and many others. His publications—Flowers by Jeff Leatham, Flowers by Design, and Jeff Leatham: Visionary Floral Art and Design—remain best-selling design books worldwide.”
Later, the very huggable Jeff told a smaller group of us that he is also a brand ambassador for Waterford (Oh brother, now I have to have his amethyst-colored champagne flutes from the Icon Collection - so colored because the Vanda is his favorite orchid.  So much so that he has a Vanda tattoo on his ankle. Very sexy homage, indeed. (Plus, you have to love a man who so loves orchids that he literally wears his love on his - well, not sleeve, but you know what I mean!) 
 Further, NYBG named a Vanda orchid in Jeff’s honor.  
Last year, the Garden saluted the Bronx’s own Awkwafina! Love her. 
This year’s Orchid Show is: Jeff Leatham’s Kaleidoscope. With color his admitted passion, the designer clearly found inspiration in the Garden’s world-class orchid collection.  I later learned his father is a botanist - so Jeff has a plant pedigree that informs his floral designs. “Color is the first and most important aspect of my work, always,” Jeff Leatham said when describing his creations for The Orchid Show. “I want every gallery to be a different color experience for visitors as they move through them, like looking into a kaleidoscope. I loved kaleidoscopes as a child. You start dreaming as you look through one. People have seen the interiors of the Conservatory already, but with this exhibition, I want them to look through them like never before.”
I too love kaleidoscopes and have one perched on a favorite coffee table in our country house's garden room. I was already feeling the affinity...
Here, according to NYBG, “Thousands of orchids are on dramatic display in dazzling creations on view February 15 through April 19, 2020. Leatham’s captivating designs and installations transform each gallery of the exhibition in NYBG’s historic Enid A. Haupt Conservatory into a different color experience, like the turn of a kaleidoscope.”
In the 2020 Orchid Show, incredible orchids provide bursts of forms and colors—in purples, reds, oranges, and hot pink—revealed through overhead arches, vine-inspired ribbons, mirrored sculpture, and dramatic lighting, and other artistic embellishments. Leatham worked with horticulturists from NYBG, including Senior Curator of Orchids Marc Hachadourian, to assemble orchids from its collections as well as from some of the finest growers in the world. Orchids of seemingly every conceivable shape and provenance, including rare and iconic specimens, are on display in breathtaking configurations. 
We were most fortunate to have Marc lead the tour of the Kaleidoscope show.  
Marc too, is also a rare jewel - his knowledge of orchids is incomparable.  You must get his new book if you don’t already have it in your home library.  Although, his Orchid Modern, is not a book that will sit on your bookshelf, rather you will be referring to it frequently for design and care tips.  
 I love the creative ways Marc shows to use orchids to amplify your home floral designs with his step-by-step projects. I’m making the bonsai orchid art! And I can’t help but note the subtle yet pointed kind of parallelism between Marc’s emphasis on orchid Design and Jeff’s bold emphasis on Design for the show.  Orchid Karma, you might say…. 

Visitors to The Orchid Show: Jeff Leatham’s Kaleidoscope are greeted by a most dramatic display: purple Vandas suspended above a 10-foot-tall mirrored orchid sculpture with a fountain of water streaming into a black pool. 

We were treated to Marc’s tour of the other galleries and spaces of the exhibition, each designed in its own color scheme, include plantings of green and white cymbidiums amid grasses, yellow orchid arches, and a most dazzlingly - a breathtaking kaleidoscopic tunnel of pulsing orchid-hued lights.  

The light tunnel is ever-more astonishing because previously - this was just a dark, rather dank passageway from one Gallery to another.  I think some of you know, I worked at NYBG (and BBG) and always thought this was a forlorn space, not fitting for the glamorous Garden. But here, Jeff took a challenge and transformed it into a hearth-clutching experience.  
This talent for making lemonade out of lemons is another key reason to visit the Orchid Show this year.  A bit of background if you don’t know is that there is a massive restoration (nearly $18 million investment) going on in the main dome of the Enid A. Haupt Conservatory.  Yet, rather than lament the loss of using that space (or using an add-on temporary space as was done for the Holiday Train Show), the Garden and Jeff teamed up to use many, too-often overlooked spaces - the ones more often thought of as pass-throughs rather than the show-stopping ones. Maybe design lessons for your home, as well…. 
I very much respect that design challenge; moreover, you as the visitor get to see the places you probably don’t see nor visit.  It’s a seamless, sensory experience for the visitor Marc and Jeff explained as we toured the Galleries. 
Jeff told me that in addition to flowers and plants, he most often works with lighting, noting that it’s a valuable investment to spend on special lighting and/or candles because it creates an unforgettable ambiance - especially at night.  So here too, please make a point to visit this special Kaleidoscope Orchid Show during the day - and at a twinkling, magical twilight. 

In addition to the Tunnel of Light, there is more design art: here is a hanging passementerie of orchids on a newly-painted grayish wall that Jeff said, “Points up the vibrancy of the orchid space.”  He explained how the visitor experience is different as they experience the change in the visual focal point. There’s that element of surprise and discovery, yet again. The design composition does indeed make the orchid colors pop, along with “pocket designs” you first glimpse as you descend the stairs from the Desert Gallery, while trying not to remain longer in order to view that ornamental edging: 

Seeing the “pocket” design vignettes Jeff created, I followed up on a comment he made earlier about his background growing up where he loved working indoors with his mother on interior designs, teasing how these exquisite examples show his time with Mother was indeed well spent.  He smiled and said he agreed. Jeff is a true sweetheart talent.

And I love that the Garden has you walking through the Desert - to discover an “extreme” orchid whose natural habitat is an arid place.   Did you know that orchids grown on every continent except Antarctica? (Although, I read it was 69 F degrees there today - arghhh - so maybe that too will be impacted…)
Nevertheless, the Eulophia petersii is one of the most desert-adapted orchids, as Marc explained to us.  I viewed this orchid recently at the Tucson Botanical Garden where they detail this orchid as “…growing in arid habitats from Namibia all the way to the southern Arabian Peninsula. An extreme succulent, it stores water in its large pseudobulbs, thick rigid leaves, and an ample system of fleshy roots.” This kind of “aha” is so joyful and educational and lends an added sense of surprise and discovery to the show, especially as the orchid is part of the Garden’s permanent Collection is probably overlooked.

Please do pay tribute to the Garden’s extraordinary exhibit interpretations.  After all, NYBG is a cultural institution - and its artful plant collections and designs are ever more potent now.  I believe it’s imperative we not only bask in the glory of our plants - and these orchid jewels but also pay homage and revere our plants - learn how to protect them and in turn, they will provide for us as they have done for millennia.  While you will undoubtedly be dazzled by the orchid beauty, please stop and also read the signage. They are like the Signs of the Cross … and oh-so-fascinating. Learn about our plants… Here, the Garden points out important points about biodiversity, science, and the environment that, increasingly, cannot be overlooked… 

And please don’t miss a Vanda that Marc pointed out to us: a rare Himalayan orchid that is on the endangered species list:  The Vanda coerulea. Honor this orchid… 

And then there are the layered exhibits to be enjoyed as you climb the stairs to three different landings in the Rainforest.  These too are a new feature to be discovered due to necessity. Now there you can enjoy a vertical design and the skywalk. Love it:

Very cool to look down through the landings at Orchids! 

This year’s emphasis on design is further captured in Jeff’s  desire to promote a sense of discovery and enchantment - as there are oodles of incredible orchids tucked into and about the Galleries.  Look for them. Stop and, well, smell the orchids!
Jeff also has placed very tall, orchid-colored, painted, bamboo reeds in and among the orchid exhibits.  They add a touch of design whimsy and surprise much like jewelry to an ensemble. More garden glamour.  

In the Desert Gallery the reeds are a sapphire blue, inspired by Yves St. Laurent’s Moroccan idyll vacation home.

There were magenta reeds in the Rainforest Gallery: 

Furthering the design element is the extraordinary “Rise and Shine” exhibit, as it’s referred to because of the focus on yellow and orange-colored orchids and plants.  There are always the arches over the black pool, but whereas there’s now an emphasis on the yellow to changing red and orange spectrum over the mirror reflected pool that adds depth and mystery.  Further transforming the space is that Jeff and the NYBG team covered the fountain there in moss, to accentuate the orchid showcase - 
Years ago, I rendered this in pen and ink - when I find it, I’ll share.  (Smile).  

And ta-dum - the orchid arches are reflected in the dark pool below -giving an illusion of a full circle. 
I couldn’t help but comment to Marc that the design amplifies the Tunnel of Light full-circle design…  Ahhh, the art of floral design …. 

Exhibition Programming Features Stylish Orchid Evenings, a Designer Talk, and More

During Orchid Evenings on select dates throughout the run of The Orchid Show: Jeff Leatham’s Kaleidoscope, adults 21 and over can experience the exhibition at night with music, cash bars, and light bites. Princess Lockeroo, one of today’s leading Vogue and Waacking-style dancer-choreographers, teams up with renowned musician Harold O’Neal for a fierce and fabulous performance. Come dressed in your boldest floral-inspired fashion and express yourself on the runway. Purchase a cocktail, beer, wine, and more from one of NYBG’s seasonal bars. Local flavors from the Bronx Night Market celebrate the city’s diverse culture. Advance ticket purchase is recommended to guarantee admission to these signature events. Visit for more details.
On Thursday, February 20, at 11. a.m., in NYBG’s Ross Hall, hear Jeff Leatham discuss how he brings his floral designs to life. A Q & A session and book signing will follow. Registration for “Floral Design Talk with Jeff Leatham '' is required.   
Other exhibition programming includes Orchid Basics Q&A on Saturdays and Sundays, 1–4 p.m. at NYBG Shop where staff help customers select the best orchid for the home, and Orchid Care Demonstrations on Sundays at 1 and 2 p.m. in the Haupt Conservatory GreenSchool, where orchid experts provide advice on how to choose and successfully grow these elegant plants.

The Garden is offering a special photographers’ session, Friday, March 6; 8:30 -10 am for the professionals.  This is the only time that tripods will be allowed in the Conservatory - so register early for this rare opportunity. 

I get asked very often about caring for the Phalaenopsis orchid - the rather ubiquitous and honestly, easy-to-care for smiling face of an orchid.  But if you’re rather befuddled by its growing habit, be sure to sign up for the Phalaenopsis Care session, Saturday, March 7th.  
You can also benefit from the March 14th session, Orchids: Divide, Repot, Rejuvenate

Round out an Orchid Show visit at NYBG Shop and select from thousands of top-quality orchids, from exotic, hard-to-find specimens for connoisseurs to elegant yet easy-to-grow varieties for beginners available for purchase, along with orchid products and books.

For more information about The Orchid Show: Jeff Leatham’s Kaleidoscope and to purchase tickets, please visit