Tuesday, April 6, 2021

How a “Starving Artist” Learned to Give Back to Support Community: Artist & Founder Jordan Grace Robinson’s Journey (so far) as Explained on Ladies Who Lunch Conversations


How does a beautiful young woman, talented in so many ways, decide she’s not only going to create one-of-a-kind, artisanal, fashions, but to also contribute 10 percent of the proceeds to local fundraising efforts? Most artists are sacrificing so much just to stay afloat and focus on their artwork ~ reason enough to hold onto every penny.

Like most good fairy tales, this fable imparts its own charming, moral lesson…

As a featured guest on my Ladies Who Lunch Conversations ~ Jordan shared with me and viewers how as a Founder, she turns her talent for creating beautiful things into a force for good, too. 

Ever since Jordan was old enough to hold a crayon, she was always creating! 

Her parents introduced her to the world of fine art, fashion, dance, and musical theater at a young age. 

They took her to the Keith Haring "POP SHOP" in NYC, Broadway shows for her birthdays,  and to experience other, art-related events.  Jordan is always quick to thank them for immersing her into the art world in her youth.

Not surprisingly, Jordan studied ballet at Miami City Ballet School and The Academy of Dance Arts (formerly located in Red Bank) in her youth for a combined duration of 8 years.  Throughout High School she participated in school plays, musicals, art club, and was accepted into advanced art classes offered at the school. Jordan studied her college foundation year at The University of The Arts and then went on to earn her A.A.S in Fashion Merchandising from Brookdale Community College. 

In 2016, Jordan found a way to combine her passion for fine art and fashion by creating Art TuGo- Take Art With You! A line of handcrafted handbags, wallets, and wall art. Day At The Beach: Tote image 0Floating Hearts Open-Top Tote image 0

In 2019 Jordan registered her line as an LLC.

Jordan didn’t allow the pandemic to trim her sails; in fact, she used the time to create flying flags! Her flag art  became an award-winning design featured in the August 2020 Inaugural Rockefeller Center Flag Project in New York. I was so excited and proud of Jordan’s efforts that I featured it here in a Garden Glamour post. 

Jordan also exhibited her art at the Oyster Point Hotel in Red Bank, in the Garden State. Increasingly recognized for her art prowess and knowledge, she was as to curate her first art exhibition entitled, "Looking Ahead.”  

Jordan also premiered some exciting news during our Conversation. No spoiler here ~ you’ll have to view the show. (Hint, it is about being named an art judge! shhhh) 

And if that wasn’t enough of a heavy lift during a lockdown, she self- published two poetry anthologies. 

I purchased both of Jordan’s poetry books. I think you will especially enjoy “Like Flowers We’ll Boom Again: Anthology of Free Verse Poems.” It’s so spot-on for our time… 

Butterflies for Maddy

For the past 2 years, Art TuGo proudly donates 10% monthly earnings to Don't Shock Me- Maddy Massabni Foundation For Toxic Shock Awareness. A registered 501c3 nonprofit.  Not surprising then, that Jordan’s  humanitarian efforts contributed to her being selected as the Public Relations Chair for Don't Shock Me-Maddy Massabni Foundation For Toxic Shock Awareness. 

The foundation is the only one of its kind, raising awareness of Menstrual Toxic Shock Syndrome, mTSS, that is a direct result from tampon use.  

Last October, Jordan developed a fundraising event concept entitled, Butterflies For Maddy  ~ a garden fashion show, scheduled for May 23 to honor the life of 19 year-old Rumson, NJ resident, Maddy Massabni who tragically died of menstrual toxic shock syndrome in March of 2017. Maddy adored butterflies. And flowers. And life… 

With Jordan’s leadership and a passion she shares with Maddy’s mother and president of The Maddy Massabni Foundation / Don’t Shock Me, these women are on a mission to help dissipate the stigma surrounding this overlooked aspect of women's preventative health.  Please do plan to attend the garden party fundraiser. 

Still sheltering in place or don’t live nearby? No worries. You can donate directly to the foundation. We all have daughters, sisters, mothers… Let’s create awareness and prevent these senseless, preventable deaths. You can help. 

Further, listen and look with the Ladies Who Lunch Conversation and you’ll learn how Jordan plans to expand the creative side of her world by building a new look for her Art TuGo - Take Art With You, LLC. handbag line.  And in keeping with an outlook to better women’s health, it was affirming to hear Jordan talk about the need for Self Care. This astonishing talent highlighted how her past, daily anxieties (social and other) have dissipated within this passing year. She’s sleeping better (now a morning person) Yeah for more and better sleep. I often say that lack of sleep is America’s dirty, little secret. Folks think that working non-stop is cool. It’s not… Jordan further applauded the importance of seeking therapy. Good mental health matters. We go for dental check ups, after all. Let’s not overlook our mental health.  

Do enjoy her short poem about seeking professional help from her lovely book: Melancholy MeyZee.

And of course, no Ladies Who Lunch Conversation is complete without some tablescape magic and true to form, Jordan created a whimsical table decor, inspired by literature (wink) and perfect for the spring, Easter holiday. Replete with bunnies and flower pots and art! 

Thank you, Jordan. Cheers to continued success.

And to networking and sharing stories, and Ladies Who Lunch Conversations!

We hope you all are inspired by Jordan’s story.  

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