Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Green With Envy: New Sears Craftsman Mowers Drive Sculpted "Lawn Love"

Photo: elowskylawn 
Don’t let the guys have all the fun with the homecare tools and appliances. Move over, buddy! It’s time for “Lawnmower Ladies.” After all, a beautiful lawn is described as “manicured” - and who knows more about that beauty regime?

Boosting the “lawn love” are recent product introductions from Sears. In June, just in time for garden season, the company showcased their line of Craftsman® Zero Turn Steerable Riding Mowers and Front Wheel “Walk Behind” (aka push mowers) at a NYC press event. The muscular mowers are designed for ease of use, especially when mowing large yards - plus feature the very cool, wireless, Bluetooth technology-enabled Craftsman Smart Lawn app. Available from the iTunes App Store, the Smart Lawn app is like having a personal assistant to help power riders take care of their mowers with product care instructions, quick access to product information and parts replacement ordering. The easy-to-use app is operable from any mobile device and provides graphics and text updates as part of its Pre Start Checklist so you can readily manage the mower’s battery life, blade replacement, and schedule to change the air filter and oil. It also offers maintenance tips and alerts along with weather tracking to help determine the optimum mowing time. Now there’s no worry of it raining on your mowing moments!

Think that mowing the turf is nothing more than straight lines up and back? Think again. The Smart Lawn app provides mowing suggestions indicating ideal mowing times based on user preferences, weather, and more. You’ll have the most styled lawn in the neighborhood!

The App also includes do-it-yourself maintenance videos and step-by-step tutorials on changing blades, installing a mulch kit and bagger, how-to change the oil, as well as product information, owner’s manual, parts, and accessories list. See, every beauty has accessories.

The Riding Mower has a zero-degree turning radius enabling riders to cut with precision and save time navigating around obstacles and against edges. Just like a sleek car, the mower features a single steering wheel with four-wheel steering - no more tricky contortions just to drive the yard. Instead, here is steady control of front and rear wheels. Missed a spot? Don’t drive around in circles - this easy to use model allows for reverse mowing. The mower’s Consistent Cut Technology allows riding mowers to “excel in tall grass and hilly terrain,” thereby sending a design statement that will make your neighbors rather green with envy.
Craftsman riding mower, photo courtesy of Sears Craftsman
The Craftsman V-Twin Kohler® 7000 Series Smart Choke Engine eliminates the need for manual priming (three cheers!) and enables the rider to reach speeds of up to 7 MPH - and no worries about a speeding ticket!

The mower is available in either a 42” and a 50” cutting deck model. Go big or … well, you are home!

Is your lawn more on the petite size? The Craftsman® brand’s line of three propelled mowers are designed with you in mind, sweet pea: a front wheel drive gas mower, a wide deck gas mower and a rear wheel drive caster - with 7-inch front lockable caster wheels with front and back ball bearings. With less friction, there’s steady, easy driving -- and safety - but you knew that. Designed with innovative features, the push mowers, er, “walk behind” mowers are “reliable, high-quality and inventive,” says Sears Craftsman.
Pro Series Wheel Drive Caster Mower; photo courtesy Sears Craftsman.  Look at those wheels!
Let’s not overlook how noisy suburbia can be due to those “Mow, Blow, and Go guys" tearing up the quiet lawns and gardens there. Craftsman to the rescue! According to the company, their “Quiet Power Technology engine is 65 percent quieter than other mowers.” The quiet mowers may not insure a zen-like experience but they do offer a clutch of pro-like features that make it stress-free and easy to use, including a Briggs & Stratton® EXi Platinum Series Quiet Power TechnologyTM engines with plenty of torque. Plus, EXi engines never require an oil change, simply just use the Check and Add Oil as needed feature, making maintenance easier than ever. With its Ready Start® & Smooth Start recoil system, there is no need to choke or prime the engine before getting started -- you’ll have to rely on the gym weights for those arm-defining exercises. The mowers also variable speed options and include a Dustblocker bag and precision plus cutting system “delivering high performance bagging and mulching with a durable blade.” Good gardens depend on good, consistent mulching. The dual-point wheel height adjustment feature allows for a customized height to match your yard’s terrain.

The mower also has an EZ Store handle that provides a vertical position for storage and “three handle height positions for multiple users.” Come on - you can’t have all the fun. Share the “lawn love.”

All mowers are available at Sears, Sears Hometown Stores, Sears.com and Craftsman

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