Thursday, March 27, 2014

Don’t be a Fool! The Antique Dealers’ Association Online Show Debuts April 1st

My garden art accessory friend and designer, Barbara Israel, let me know that her Garden Antiques and Replicas will participate in the Antique Dealers’ Association (ADA) first-ever online antiques show, premiering on the auspicious April 1st.

Mark your calendars, alert your Twitter, and get your tablet, computer or mobile smartphones ready.
You can also be notified by Facebook, Twitter or email when you request the calendar tickle at the ADA web page.

Home décor enthusiasts won’t want to miss the front row seat to better preview and buy the great finds from a very diverse list of top-tier dealers.

No lines, no waiting, no parking, and no fooling with Mother Nature…

The show will run “around the clock” (pre-digital time "talk!") from Tuesday, April 1st at 10 am to Thursday, April 3 at 10:00 pm
Then – just like Cinderella – the show page will disappear. Poof.  A dream…

The ADA asked its dealers to hold back items for this show as they do for any other show – so they are forecasting you will see the best in American antiques and fine art, folk art, Americana, Native American, and other decorative arts. 

Plus, every item is sold with a guarantee of authenticity.  
Despite the calendar date, you can’t get fooled: a written guarantee of the age, origin, condition and restoration, if any is provided with every sale.
So you can rest easy.  After all, there is a lot of pedigree on the line – in every sense.

Easy To Purchase
It’s also practically guaranteed you will find something you want to buy. 

With full access -- dealers and the general public access the show at the same time so no First Dibs issue here – you are sure to fall in love with an object of your desire that may have been out of reach in any other context.

All you need to do is contact the seller directly from the show page/site. 
Recommended best times to purchase is 9 am to 9 pm EST.
An email link and the phone number of the ADA dealer representing the item will be listed with each object, according to ADA.

Don’t like it once you get the piece is delivered to your home?  No problem, they say.  You have three days to let the seller know you want to return it. Easy as Amazon…

Garden Art
Preshow, I suggest you check out Barbara Israel’s garden ornament offerings. 

You will not only enjoy a much-needed jump-on-the-season garden “tour” but you can also get your creative garden design senses stimulated. 

Too much time gazing at snow this winter may have dulled your green garden aesthetic!
You – and your garden designer – can prepare a list of the garden art that will enhance and accessorize your garden rooms and exterior designs.

There are fountains, birdbaths, urns, sundials, furniture, wellheads, cisterns, and architectural miscellany.  

I wrote about Barbara’s collections previously for the New York Winter Antiques Show:

For direct information to the ADA online show premiere:

Good luck.  Let me know what you fall in love with at the first-ever, ADA Show.

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